Entries from Ross Clark, field notes in Pollex-Online

Language Item Description
Emae Fakatafa Be on one side, move aside, avoid, get out of the way
Emae Vaavaa Rope, cord, string; vine; vine connecting joists and beams
Emae Fakaarofa Poor
Emae Mune/ia Say, tell
Emae Paa/kia Strike, hit
Emae Pa/paki, paaki/a Strike, hit, beat; slap, clap (papaki rima)
Emae Tapuke Yam mound
Emae Fai/faiga Deeds, actions, behaviour
Emae Faka/ene/ene Ask politely, please
Emae (Fai)fetaki/a Try, test
West Futuna Sisi Term covering various univalve shellfish spp.
Emae Fakakai Sharpen
Emae Mata Raw, uncooked
Emae Mata Green (coconut)
Emae Mata/tuka Blunt
Emae Raakau (Piece of) wood, stick, timber
Emae Kere (Piece of) land, ground, earth
Emae Totoro Crawl (e.g. baby, lizard, snake, snail, crab); walk on hands and knees, drag oneself, creep. Marcher en crabe (walk sideways) (Rve).
Emae Mate Calm (of sea)
Emae Mategugu Numbness from drinking kava
Emae Rima tutusi Index finger
Emae Raakau toroa Bottom piece of fireplough
Emae Footua Fish sp. (Plectorhynchus)
Emae Soaka Banana var. (Musa troglodytarum)
Emae Mata/feiaa Door