Entries from Buck 1932a in Pollex-Online

Buck, P. H. (1932a). Ethnology of Tongareva. Honolulu, Bishop Museum Press.

Language Item Description
Penrhyn Sosore Peel off bark Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Karakia Individual noted for prophetic powers ; man of knowledge who can see into the future
Penrhyn Kasi (Asaphis violacea) ; k.clam, Pacific asaphis (Asaphis violacens); small shellfish of various kinds; shell scraper, hand grater
Penrhyn Haka/kaumatua/ Said of a precocious child
Penrhyn Rooroo Dry flower stems of the coconut
Penrhyn Nape A bait string
Penrhyn Noni A tree (Morinda citrifolia)
Penrhyn Sakari Coconut when absolutely mature
Penrhyn Sei/ rauru Necklace of braided human hair
Penrhyn Tara Ends of the house
Penrhyn Taura Priest ; ritual specialist, medium, healer
Penrhyn Tuahine Sister of a male
Penrhyn Vero Canoe stern
Penrhyn Henu Weft in plaiting