Entries from Stimson 1964 in Pollex-Online

Stimson, J. F. (1964). A Dictionary of Some Tuamotuan Dialects of the Polynesian Language. The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff.

Language Item Description
Tuamotu Tuu One of the nights of the lunar cycle; either the first or the seventh, according to different lists
Tuamotu Veke To commit an offense or misdeed, to disregard or fail to observe a *tapu*...
Tuamotu Kae Saliva, drivel, slaver, drool...
Tuamotu Firifiri, hirihiri The net-like structure enclosing the stomach of a pig Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuamotu Hirihiri A small scoop-net for fish
Tuamotu Hiri Violet, mauve, garnet, wine-colored
Tuamotu Mamaiaa A religious sect; the people in it persisted in the worship of the ancient gods...
Tuamotu Puukao To rise up, emerge out of; to come into view, as a ship above the horizon or smoke above trees
Tuamotu Raakau A medicine, remedy; to administer medicine, to dress wounds
Tuamotu Raakau A stick, twig; any piece of wood; wood in general, a log; (coll.) a spear, weapon; the phallus
Tuamotu Toro To extend, extrude (outwards, endwise); to stretch out, to protrude; to thrust, propel...