Entries from Buse 1996 in Pollex-Online

Buse, J. (1996). Cook Islands Maori dictionary with English-Cook Islands Maori finderlist. Canberra, Pacific Linguistics.

Language Item Description
Rarotongan Teitei High (in height or rank)
Rarotongan Tue (Be) numb Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan Tauʔaa Fight, struggle Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan Pei A coconut at the youngest stage of its development
Rarotongan ʔAi Used as a collective noun before kinship terms Problematic
Rarotongan ʔAi Be dedicated or consecrated (of monument, church, or public building)
Rarotongan ʔUata Scoop-net
Rarotongan Maʔea Pause for a while (of rain) [Nga Pu Toru dialect]
Rarotongan Maruu Light (of the wind); easy, not arduous; mild, eased (of pain, illness); mellow and low-pitched, especially of bass voices; mild and gentle (of disposition, manner)
Rarotongan Naa There by you, associated with you
Rarotongan Taaʔia Hit, strike (passive) Phonologically Irregular
Rarotongan Taia Make a net (passive) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Rarotongan Tuungia (Passive of tutungi) Set fire to, kindle, light
Rarotongan ʔAkatuu/tuu Act, dramatise, mime, practice
Rarotongan ʔAkauru Enter or emerge from (a passage by canoe) [ex. help to...]
Rarotongan Iri Rest on some support, lodge on something; have a place on board; go aground; descend or light upon one (of a title, curse, blame, or luck)
Rarotongan Moko Lizard fish (Synodontidae) and possibly some gobies (Gobiidae)
Rarotongan Kaare ake Not yet
Rarotongan Ake/nei Just recently (postverbal)
Rarotongan Mangamanga Multiple branching
Rarotongan Tuukee Different, altered, strange queer
Rarotongan Ivi metua Backbone, vertebrae
Rarotongan Ivi mokotua Backbone, the necessary basis of anything Problematic
Rarotongan Peeia LIke this