Entries from Shibata 2003 in Pollex-Online

Shibata, N. (2003). Penrhyn-English Dictionary. Kyoto, ELPR.

Language Item Description
Penrhyn Kaa Burn; to get afire, burn
Penrhyn Kai Food, eat
Penrhyn Kaainga Home, planted land of a family
Penrhyn Kaiaa Steal
Penrhyn Kaka Mesh-like brown substance on coconut tree, stipule of coconut frond
Penrhyn Kaakaa/ia White tern (Gygis alba)
Penrhyn Kakaa Shine brightly
Penrhyn Kakara Fragrant
Penrhyn Kara/sia Sweet, tasty
Penrhyn Kakau Float (n) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Penrhyn Kake Climb, ride, rise; coitus
Penrhyn Kakii Throat, neck
Penrhyn Kara(a)/ea Kind of coral; old harder coral, forming flat slab layers; upright limestone slab forming a part of marae
Penrhyn Karanga Shout; inform, tell
Penrhyn Kaare No, nothing, zero; no! [loan from Rarotongan] Borrowed
Penrhyn Karere Messenger, herald
Penrhyn Karo Leave, argue; leave, dismiss, sack, fire
Penrhyn Kama/kama Talkative
Penrhyn Kamo Wink; agree
Penrhyn Kana Grate; stool-type coconut grater; kind of coral
Penrhyn Kanae Mullet
Penrhyn Kaapu Brown booby (Sula leucogaster)
Penrhyn Kanohi Eye
Penrhyn Koo Bud
Penrhyn Kookoo Side
Penrhyn Kaakore To be not, be nothing, be zero
Penrhyn Kapa Dance
Penrhyn Kapakapa Flap wings
Penrhyn Kape Giant taro
Penrhyn Kape Flick aside (e.g. a pawpaw with a stick, in order to harvest)
Penrhyn Kapi/kapi Kind of shellfish growing on pearl shells; kind of shellfish, shells thick, hard to remove from rock; oyster sp., Spondylus varius
Penrhyn Kapo Catch (something thrown such as ball), grasp
Penrhyn Kapu Cup
Penrhyn Aapua Handle of harpoon Problematic
Penrhyn Ka/kasi Tuna (Thunnus spp.)
Penrhyn Ka/kahi/ Albacore (Germo germo (Lacepede)) Problematic
Penrhyn Kasikasi Crunchy (e.g. biscuits) Problematic
Penrhyn Kaso Part of house frame, a rod over which rauhara is bent to form thatch sheet
Penrhyn Kata Laugh
Penrhyn Kota Coconut leaflet (Sta < Bck) Problematic
Penrhyn Katau Right, dextral side
Penrhyn Ka/kati Bite
Penrhyn Kato Pick, pluck
Penrhyn Katoa All
Penrhyn Kaatoa/toa All, total
Penrhyn Kau Swim
Penrhyn Kau Wood, stick, pole
Penrhyn Kau/tahu Firewood
Penrhyn Kau(v)ae Chin
Penrhyn Kausanga Lower abdomen, bottom, private parts (of men or women)