Entries from Shibata 2003 in Pollex-Online

Shibata, N. (2003). Penrhyn-English Dictionary. Kyoto, ELPR.

Language Item Description
Penrhyn Taute/a To make up, dress up
Penrhyn Kaku To regret Uncertain Semantic Connection
Penrhyn Ora To escape Phonologically Irregular
Penrhyn Mangamanga Octopus tentacles
Penrhyn Tuukee Different, strange
Penrhyn Peeia To do like this, do as I do, do as I am doing
Penrhyn Vaavaa To be at intervals
Penrhyn I Preposition marking the direct object of a transitive verb
Penrhyn Kura Gift; special guest
Penrhyn Putu To mix, prepare
Penrhyn Toro/toro To creep, crawl
Penrhyn Totoro Crawl, creep
Penrhyn Vaia/a To be watery, waterish
Penrhyn Poro Protuberance
Penrhyn Poro rima Elbow
Penrhyn Takeo To be intoxicated, poisoned, drunk
Penrhyn Hakakite, akakite To inform
Penrhyn Pupu Group, team
Penrhyn Puapua (Whitish) inflammation of lip skin
Penrhyn Henuu Strand of rope or string
Penrhyn Maarama Wise, clever
Penrhyn Mate oge To be hungry
Penrhyn Oho To be excited, frightened, shocked
Penrhyn Tuu/pou Lower the head
Penrhyn Takere To consume nearly to the bottom (usually of something in a sack)
Penrhyn Vaavaa To be at intervals
Penrhyn V/ai Be, exist
Penrhyn V/ai/raga Place, location, position
Penrhyn Keu/anga Story Uncertain Semantic Connection
Penrhyn Maaroo Fathom, arm span
Penrhyn Raakau Stick, plank, timber, wood
Penrhyn Vai raakau Medicine
Penrhyn Tupu Be pregnant Problematic
Penrhyn Piripiri Burr-grass sp., sandbur (Cenchrus sp.)
Penrhyn Toro To stick out, stretch out, protrude; to erupt obliquely (of teeth); to catch a bird with hands
Penrhyn Taa To make fishing net; needle for making or mending fishing net
Penrhyn Tauooa/nga To cohabit; cohabitant Borrowed
Penrhyn Aa- Like, -ish (in a few words?)
Penrhyn E And
Penrhyn Aro/rangi Face of the sky Problematic
Penrhyn Aro rangi Face of the sky