Entries from Pukui & Elbert 1986 in Pollex-Online

Pukui, M. K. and S. H. Elbert (1986). Hawaiian Dictionary. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press.

Language Item Description
Hawaiian Naaholo Flee (of several), run away
Hawaiian Nahu Bite, have a tendency to bite; sting, pain
Hawaiian Naka Sea-creature; a land-shell (Thaumatodon nesophila) and others
Hawaiian Naka A land-shell (Thaumatodon nesophila) and others
Hawaiian Naka Cracked and peeling, as one who has drunk kava to excess; to crack open, as earth from the heat
Hawaiian Nakeke Rattling (as a window), rustling (as paper)
Hawaiian Naakolo Rumbling, roaring (as surf, thunder), reverberating
Hawaiian (Naa)naku (Scirpus validus), the Great Bulrush
Hawaiian Naku To root, wallow (as a hog)
Hawaiian Nau Chew
Hawaiian Nau(w)e, naau(w)e/u(w)e Move, shake, tremble; quake, as the earth; vibrate; loose and insecure, as a tooth; revolving, as hips in a hula
Hawaiian Naawali Weak, feeble, infirm
Hawaiian Nee/nee Chirp, as a cricket; croak, as a mudhen; cry, whimper
Hawaiian Nene Fretting, teasing or nagging for something
Hawaiian Neenee Variety of kava plant
Hawaiian Nele Deprived of, needy
Hawaiian Ne/neke/ Shuffling, scratching, thumping sound
Hawaiian Nono Oozing, seeping out (as water in the sand)
Hawaiian Noo Seepage; to leak, ooze, seep, sink
Hawaiian Noio koohaa Noddy tern (Anous stolidus)
Hawaiian Noio Hawaiian noddy tern (Anous tenuirostris)
Hawaiian Nole Sickly, unhealthy Problematic
Hawaiian Nolu(nolu) Springy, soft, yielding
Hawaiian Nohe/a Handsome
Hawaiian Nuu Cough, roar as the wind, grunt
Hawaiian Hoʔo/nuu/ Moan, grunt, hum
Hawaiian Nunu Swollen, puffed up; to swell
Hawaiian Nunu Swathe or roll up, as an article in tapa; fold, bind
Hawaiian Nuku Beak, snout, mouth (of harbour)
Hawaiian Nuku Scolding, ranting, raving, grumbling
Hawaiian Nuʔao Porpoise Phonologically Irregular
Hawaiian Aha What?
Hawaiian Ana Measure
Hawaiian Anahulu Ten days
Hawaiian Ai, w/ai/ Who?
Hawaiian Aʔe Up, upwards
Hawaiian Aʔu Swordfish, garfish
Hawaiian Ala Road
Hawaiian Alakaʔi Lead, guide, direct v
Hawaiian Ama Outrigger float; port hull of a double canoe
Hawaiian Hamumu Whisper, murmur
Hawaiian Ana There
Hawaiian Haole White man
Hawaiian Hamo A variety of sweet potato
Hawaiian (ʔ)Api Acanthurus guttatus (Surgeonfish)
Hawaiian Eʔe Mount v
Hawaiian Iho To go down, descend; to subside; go south or before the wind
Hawaiian Iho Downwards
Hawaiian Ili To fall upon, as sorrow, responsibilities, blessings; stranded, aground, or wrecked, as a ship; to run aground; run over (as car); (sun) set
Hawaiian Hili Bark used in dyeing...; the dark-brown dye made from this bark; a tapa dyed with it; to dye with such bark.