Entries from Pukui & Elbert 1986 in Pollex-Online

Pukui, M. K. and S. H. Elbert (1986). Hawaiian Dictionary. Honolulu, University of Hawaii Press.

Language Item Description
Hawaiian Mamua Before; better
Hawaiian Ma/lalo Below, underneath
Hawaiian Maluna Above
Hawaiian No ka mea Because, whereas...
Hawaiian Oe Prolonged sound or thing; sound of chanting, vibration; whistle of a train; whistle of a bull-roarer; drawn-out wail of an infant...
Hawaiian Lauoho Hair of the head
Hawaiian Oho Hair of the head; leaves of plants; fronds of ferns; to leaf out, sprout
Hawaiian Oho To call out, cry, yell...to leap up, as startled birds.
Hawaiian Lole(lole) To handle, turn over with the hands
Hawaiian Puukuʔi To collect, assemble (vi)
Hawaiian Lani Very high chief, majesty...royal, exalted, high-born, noble, aristocratic (most common in personal names)
Hawaiian Hoʔo/lani To treat as a chief; render homage to a chief; act as chief...
Hawaiian Lima kuhi, manamana kuhi Index finger
Hawaiian Loma Lazy, indolent, slow, idle Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian Lo/lolo Tasty, rich, fat (as marrow)
Hawaiian Kuu/pou To go down, walk downhill fast, stagger, to bend far forward, as one reeling drunk
Hawaiian Kaʔele Empty and hollow, as of a bowl, poi board, drum, canoe hull
Hawaiian Kaa/pae To set aside, turn aside, deviate from, eliminate, discard...
Hawaiian Kaikama/hine Girl, daughter, niece, lass
Hawaiian Naa ʔOle Nights of the moon (7-10, 21-22) considered unlucky for fishing, planting, or beginning any important activity...
Hawaiian Moohalu Twelfth day of the month...
Hawaiian Mauli Twenty-ninth of the old month
Hawaiian Wehi Dark Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian Weʔa/weʔa To help, abet or tempt, especially in love affairs; accomplice, accessory in crime; one who aids or incites but does not share; procurer, pimp; to procure
Hawaiian ʔEu Mischievous, naughty, playful, as a child; rogue, rascal, scamp
Hawaiian ʔEwa Crooked, out of shape, imperfect, ill-fitting; incorrect, unjust Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian ʔIo To flee
Hawaiian Kipi Hilo name for mound taro patches Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian Puuʔao Womb Uncertain Semantic Connection
Hawaiian Laaʔau Wood, timber; stick, pole, rod; splinter; club, blow or stroke of a club; strength, rigidness, hardness, male erection; wooden, woody, stiff as wood; to have formed mature wood (as of a seedling)
Hawaiian Hulumanu Court favorites of Kamehameha III
Hawaiian ʔIwa/ʔiwa Maidenhair ferns (Adiantum spp.)
Hawaiian Pili Grass sp. (Heteropogon contortus)...
Hawaiian ʔAʔa/liʔi Native hardwood shrubs or trees (Dodonaea spp.)...
Hawaiian Pulu/pulu Cotton
Hawaiian ʔOhe/ʔohe Tall native tree sp. (Tetraplasandra spp.); also Reynoldsia [Polyscias] sandwicensis (Ni'ihau) (StJ).
Hawaiian Poohue General name for the gourd plant
Hawaiian Kolo To creep, crawl; to move along, as a gentle breeze or shower; to walk bent over as in respect to a chief or an indication of humility
Hawaiian Kolo/kolo Any creeping vine
Hawaiian Kaa To fish with a pole; to make net meshes
Hawaiian Kaa/kaa To fish, as for uhu (parrot fish) with a square net, or ulua with hook and line but no pole; net or nets dropped in a semicircle, as for mullets or 'oo'io.
Hawaiian Mea ʔai Food, refreshment, groceries