Entries from Pratt 1911 in Pollex-Online

Pratt, G. (1911). Pratt's Grammar & Dictionary of the Samoan Language. Apia, Western Samoa, Malua Printing Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Poto/poto To assemble, to gather together
Samoan Fefe To be wrinkled, shrivelled
Samoan Feiti Copulate
Samoan Feʔafeʔa Entrails of Bonito
Samoan Feʔai Fierce, savage
Samoan Feʔau A message. Message; errand, mission, commission; concern, affair, business (Mnr).
Samoan Feʔe Octopus
Samoan Feʔefeʔe Warty (of limbs affected by filariasis). Swelling associated with filariasis (McP).
Samoan Feʔite/ʔiteaʔi See indistinctly (as at twilight)
Samoan Fela Everted , pull down lower eyelid
Samoan Fena Sleepiness, weariness, exhaustion Problematic
Samoan Fena Tree sp., Eugenia neurocalyx ; Syzygium sp. Problematic
Samoan Fana-fanua Field (or naval) gun
Samoan Feo/feo Branching coral
Samoan Ve/vesi/ Be disturbed, confused, disoriented
Samoan Fesiʔitaʔi Lift from place to place
Samoan Fesii/aʔi Wander around >
Samoan Fetau The name of a tree (Calophyllum inophyllum)/
Samoan Fe/fete/ Expand, rise, swell, puff up (as dough; turkey throat)
Samoan Fetoaʔi To be undecided, to be of two minds; to take what belongs to another by mistake
Samoan Fetuu Star
Samoan Fetuu ao Morning Star
Samoan Fia- Desire, want v
Samoan Fiafia Gladness, enjoyment
Samoan Fifi Small intestine
Samoan Fiigota Marine spp. (other than fish)
Samoan Figota Shellfish; includes jellyfish and almost all sea animals except fish and turtles
Samoan Figota/olevao Gods
Samoan Fia How many?
Samoan Fisi Entwine (as a vine round a stick)
Samoan Fili Select, choose
Samoan Fili Enemy
Samoan Fili Plait, braid
Samoan Filimoto (Flacourtia sp.) Indian prune
Samoan Filo Twine, thread
Samoan Filo Mix, associate with
Samoan Filoa Fully grown (Lethrina) and (Lethrinella) spp. ; Ambon Emperor (Lethrinus amboinensis) (Am. Sam. Bottomfishes)
Samoan Filoa/ava Long-nosed Emperor (Lethrinus miniatus)
Samoan Filoa vaʔa Longnosed Emperor (Lethrinus elongatus) (Am. Sam. Bottomfishes)
Samoan Filoa-gutu-puʔu Blueline Large-eye Bream (Gymnocranius rivulatus) (Am. Sam. Bottomfishes)
Samoan Filoa-ʔapamuumuu Orange-spotted Emperor (Lethrinus kallopterus) (Am. Sam. Bottomfishes)
Samoan Filoa-paʔoʔomuumuu Redgill Emperor (Lethrinus rubrioperculatus) (Am. Sam. Bottomfishes)
Samoan Finagalo Desire, will , will, desire, heart (of chief)
Samoan Fita/fita Courageous. Soldier, army (Mnr).
Samoan Fitaa Difficult; courageous; a steep place
Samoan Fiti Spring up
Samoan Fitu Seven
Samoan Fiu Wearied of, to be
Samoan Foo (Apogon), (Apogonicthys) and (Archaemia spp.)
Samoan Foo Prepare starch by washing and grating arrowroot