Entries from Milner 1966 in Pollex-Online

Milner, G. B. (1966). Samoan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan ʔAnapogi Fast (n,v) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Faʔa/lave/lave Important occasion; accident, danger, trouble (anything which interferes with normal life and calls for special activity)
Samoan Lo/lolo Fat (of animals or meat); rich (of food)
Samoan Lua/ʔi Hole (prepared for planting taro, yam, etc.). Pit in which fermented food is produced and stored (McP).
Samoan Maalama/lama Fine, cloudless; clear, well understood; understand, grasp; conscious; enlightened, civilized
Samoan Pona/a/ivi Bone
Samoan Pona/a/vae Ankle-bone. Ankle (McP).
Samoan Foo/maʔi Doctor, assistant medical practitioner
Samoan Ootai Kind of food made with coconut meat and molasses
Samoan Poi Be timid, be reluctant to do something
Samoan Oʔo/oʔo Flow beyond high-water mark (of spring tides, etc.)
Samoan Taai Preposed particle: nearly, almost
Samoan Lona, loga Hiccup
Samoan Pauu Stern; frightening, fierce; eerie, weird Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan ʔAaile First stage of the coconut (before the mosui stage). A cocoa-nut just formed (Prt).
Samoan Pei Crack (nuts) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Aasiosio Whirlwind; water-spout (column of wind and water at sea); swelter, shimmer
Samoan Fai Say, tell, ask
Samoan Fai Have, get [sleep, a meal]
Samoan Valea Mad, insane; stupid, dull-witted. Ignorant (Prt).
Samoan Aaʔega Group of people returning at the same time
Samoan Toʔia Be struck; (po.) be soiled (with urine or faeces)
Samoan Fiitaa Difficult; strenuous, exacting
Samoan Fiitaa Products of one's work (food, goods, etc.)
Samoan Seʔi Pull up, grab, snatch, do something with a jerk
Samoan ʔAʔu Attend, be present, take part; meet, reach, join up [of two things or parts of a thing]
Samoan Naa Demonstrative pronoun, plural of lenaa: those
Samoan Nu/aga Communal extraction of turmeric
Samoan Nunu Wash grated root (of turmeric, arrowroot, etc.) in order to extract starch
Samoan Taia Passive of taa: strike, hit
Samoan Tulivae Knee
Samoan Faʔaulu Bring (a case), enter, lodge (a claim); register, enter (in a book, list, etc.)
Samoan ʔAve Sunbeam, ray of sunshine
Samoan ʔAai/vao (Run) wild (of animals)
Samoan Puʔa/puʔa Large coastal tree (Guettarda sp.)
Samoan ʔIte/a Be in sight
Samoan Siʔa/ga Apparatus (for making fire by friction) as a whole; piece of soft wood, as opposed to natu