Entries from Milner 1966 in Pollex-Online

Milner, G. B. (1966). Samoan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan ʔAvane Take, bring along; serve, provide; hand over
Samoan ʔAvaʔe Take up, pick up, put up
Samoan ʔAalisi Cricket, cicada
Samoan Meo Disappointed; disappointment
Samoan Ma/magi Ulceration of penis
Samoan Mage/mage Kelara or mechanical feet, a condition in which the feet become pitted owing to walking barefoot on lava, etc. Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Sefa Name given to certain grasses belonging to genera Centotheca, Eleusine, Digitaria, Panicum, Thuarea, and Echinochloa.
Samoan Ga/epu (of water) Cloudy, muddy
Samoan Faʔamaa (ina) Put someone to shame, embarrass someone
Samoan Taʔale Soft kernel of unripe coconut
Samoan Ea/ea Inflammation of the mouth (Stomatitis) Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Oa Classifying particle used for counting in pairs (obs.)
Samoan Faʔatuu Stand (something) up, set upright, erect; set up, establish; leave (something) stationary, park a vehicle; (of vessel) make for, bear up for
Samoan ʔAutaa Bell-clapper; gong-stick
Samoan Faagogo, fagono Tale
Samoan Fanoga Request (n) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan A Of
Samoan O Of
Samoan Toega Remainder, balance
Samoan -e Vocative particle used after names and certain other words when calling, addressing, or talking to people
Samoan ʔEfuʔefu Grey Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Mau(a)lalo Low, deep; humble, modest; down (by so many points)
Samoan Tino Be openly expressed, revealed; shape, appearance; fully, frankly (postposed)
Samoan Aa By way of (particle occurring before certain locative bases, espcially /tai/ and /uta/)
Samoan Gaa Fish (Scomber sp.)
Samoan Pogia Be benighted
Samoan Ta 1 sg. inc. affective, conjunct verbal pronoun denoting selb-abasement, together with appeal for sympathy, love or help
Samoan Fua Classifying particle used with numerals in reference to coconuts and breadfruit (suffixed to units from 2-9, prefixed to tens and hundreds)
Samoan Lau Particle occurring before a number of bases, most of which refer to flat and thin objects: blades, boards, sheets, leaves, areas of land etc.
Samoan Lau Classifying particle used with numerals in reference to fish large enough for cooking in plaited coconut leaf wrappings
Samoan ʔAu- Classifying particle used with numerals in reference to bananas, yams etc.
Samoan ʔAu- Prefix used especially with bases referring to sets or clusters of things
Samoan ʔAu- Classifying prefix used especially with bases referring to long (and sometimes narrow) things
Samoan Te Particle used in complementary distribution with 'e' never occurring initially, only after pre-basic pronouns
Samoan I Particle denoting position in space or time: in, at, on
Samoan Seʔi Verbal particle denoting wish, desire, request, or command Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Lau Second person singular possessive pronoun A-class, singular reference
Samoan Lana Third person singular nominal pronoun (definite, class A, with singular reference)
Samoan Lou Second person singular nominal pronoun (definite, class O, with singular reference). Your
Samoan Lona Pronoun, third person singular nominal pronoun (definite, class O with singular reference). His her its
Samoan Mai Pre-basic particle. From
Samoan Tua- The next in order of age, especially of children Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan Loʔu First person singular exclusive nominal pronoun (definite class O, with singular reference), my
Samoan Muaaulu Forehead Problematic
Samoan Faʔaoti Completely
Samoan Lala Scum on the surface of stagnant water
Samoan Puao Mist, fog
Samoan Fulu/fulu Wash (face and hands)
Samoan ʔAai/vao (Run) wild
Samoan Aga/a/nuʔu Custom (s)