Entries from Milner 1966 in Pollex-Online

Milner, G. B. (1966). Samoan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Samoan Fole Mollusc (Pinna sp.)
Samoan Tafola Spread out (plural)
Samoan Tafola Shallow water (esp. over a sand bar)
Samoan Savane Name given to a fish of genus Lutjanus when about 1 ft. long
Samoan Sugale Wrasse (generic)
Samoan ʔAnaʔanaalagi Adult grey mullet when found in fresh water
Samoan Ulapo Lighter-coloure parrotfish (Scarus spp.) when about 6 inches long
Samoan ʔUmiʔumia Fish (Polydactylus sp.)
Samoan Mamanu Reddish-brown species of Scarus (parrotfish) when about 1 1/2 - 2 ft. long
Samoan Mataʔele Fish (Epinephelus sp.)
Samoan Mataʔele/ʔele Fish of genus Lethrinus when about 1 ft. long
Samoan Pula Fish (Pempheris sp.)
Samoan Umelei Name given to ume (Naso spp.) when about 6 inches long
Samoan Taʔuo Kind of large bonito caught by trawling from cutters
Samoan Iai Be (with reference to location), be placed, be situated; be present; be available; have
Samoan Faʔanofo Appoint, install (a matai, pastor etc.) in an office or appointment
Samoan Na/i (Often preceded by ni) Several; some, a few. Problematic
Samoan Pau Be limited, restricted to
Samoan Pau End, stop; be all, be all over and done with
Samoan Siʔusiʔu Tail (of mammal), tail-end (e.g. of needle)
Samoan Fasi Beat (child etc.), kill (an animal), slaughter
Samoan Tua Rougher, tougher side of a thing; behind, at (to) the back; beyond, outside
Samoan ʔAumai Bring, get Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Ofi Go through, get into (narrow passage or space); be room; (of animals) mate
Samoan Poi Flinch, shrink from
Samoan Segi/segi First light, break of day (po.)
Samoan Segi/segi Be wary, cautious
Samoan Asa To ford, wade through; make one’s way across (bushetc.)
Samoan Aasaga Ford or fording place
Samoan ʔA/ʔalu Thick
Samoan Oso (of water) Run over, overflow
Samoan Pogaiisu Bridge of nose
Samoan Fii/leemuu Quiet, calm; mild, gentle, harmless; peace; silence
Samoan Afio (chiefly) Come, go; reside, dwell; be present; say
Samoan Faaʔatu Worry
Samoan Ivituu The spine
Samoan Lelaa Definite demonstrative pronoun...that (over there) Phonologically Irregular
Samoan Lavaa Be able to
Samoan Peelaa As if, as though
Samoan Faʔa/peelaa Like that
Samoan ʔAua Not, do not; don't!
Samoan Aauga Signs and symptoms of an illness Uncertain Semantic Connection
Samoan ʔAputi Ear (of corn)
Samoan ʔAulama Bundle of dry coconut leaves (esp. used as a flare)
Samoan Faʔasoa Procure, obtain (esp. woman's favour) for a friend, act as a go-between
Samoan Toli (of fruit) Twist off and fetch down
Samoan Moemoeao K. shark, perhaps a basking shark
Samoan ʔOgaatotonu Centre, middle Problematic
Samoan ʔAumai Bring, get
Samoan ʔAvatu Give (to the person spoken to, or some person other than the speaker); take; help oneself to