Entries from Jackson 2001 in Pollex-Online

Jackson, G. W. (2001). Tuvaluan dictionary: Tuvaluan-English, English-Tuvaluan. Suva, Fiji. Geoff & Jenny Jackson.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu L/lau Magic spell, magical chant, incantation
Tuvalu L/lote Noisy Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuvalu Maluu Calm (of sea, lagoon, or wind)
Tuvalu Maluu/luu Cold (from Samoan) Borrowed
Tuvalu Maluu(luu) Soft
Tuvalu Nunu To scrape the fruit of the vaatia [arrowroot]
Tuvalu N/nuti To squeeze, as in washing clothes by hand
Tuvalu Nuti momomo To break into small pieces, smash up, squeeze into small fragments
Tuvalu Pago/taa Prisoner, captive
Tuvalu Piko Corrupt, unfair
Tuvalu Pisi Splash; (of rain) spray
Tuvalu Polo Limit or line. Boundary of games area (Rby).
Tuvalu Tau Pick or harvest [ex. flowers]. Pluck (of fruit or flowers) (Rby).
Tuvalu Taia To hit, beat
Tuvalu Vanu Valley, canyon
Tuvalu V/vesi To be in an uproar, to be completely upset, disturbed
Tuvalu Feiloai To meet, welcome Borrowed
Tuvalu Leaga Bad, wicked Borrowed
Tuvalu Uga/uga Small coconut crab before reaching maturity
Tuvalu Lue To wiggle hips, to sway in dancing
Tuvalu Sepo To lick
Tuvalu Malie To be sweet (of drinks)
Tuvalu (Mata) ttuka Blunt, dull
Tuvalu Leva (of time) Long duration, long ago, ancient. Long (of time) (Rby).
Tuvalu Kelekelea/a To be dirty, covered in soil, sand, dirt Phonologically Irregular
Tuvalu Masaia To be shallow, stranded by low tide
Tuvalu Vili Dice; lot for deciding something
Tuvalu Tu ʔkese To stand out as different Phonologically Irregular
Tuvalu Ivitua Backbone
Tuvalu Kite To see (of eyes), to have sharp vision
Tuvalu Ttolo To crawl
Tuvalu Vaia To be watery, to have an excess of water
Tuvalu Fiamoe To be sleepy, drowsy, tired
Tuvalu Fakaagi To make something blow; to put out in the wind
Tuvalu Fakaagiagi To get some breeze, to cool off
Tuvalu Kaiga Rubbish
Tuvalu K/kaiga Feast, meal
Tuvalu Kelo Albino
Tuvalu K/kelo (of hair) Blond, fair, brown (any hair colour other than black)
Tuvalu Oma To clear by jumping; to overflow (of water)
Tuvalu Fattili Thunder
Tuvalu Fifi To be tangled, to snag; to be confused
Tuvalu P/pusi To smoke; to breathe out, exhale
Tuvalu Ma(t)ikao/tusi Index finger
Tuvalu L/loma Flow freely (as milk from nipple)
Tuvalu L/lolo (of food) To absorb coconut cream, to be creamy
Tuvalu T/takele Lowest point; the keel of a boat or canoe
Tuvalu Sua Stick for husking coconuts
Tuvalu Vaavaa To be placed at a distance, spacious
Tuvalu Maafulu To be sleepy, to just wake up. Just woken (Rby).