Entries from Jackson 2001 in Pollex-Online

Jackson, G. W. (2001). Tuvaluan dictionary: Tuvaluan-English, English-Tuvaluan. Suva, Fiji. Geoff & Jenny Jackson.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu Ei Interjection to call attention: hey!
Tuvalu Fakaalofa Pitiable, unfortunate, hard up; a foreigner who lives on an island but has no land rights, an alien resident
Tuvalu (K)aiaa Why?
Tuvalu Faitaina Adoptive brother; cousin
Tuvalu Kope/kope/nga A lot of luggage, many possessions
Tuvalu Kopi To nurse a child, carry on hip or side Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuvalu Kopi/kopi/aa Cluttered (referring to home, location or thinking); completely crowded, disorganized
Tuvalu M/mili To rub (of oil); continually play with
Tuvalu M/mio Twist, turn, screw; twist fibres to make string
Tuvalu Avake, avaka Raise up, bring up, put on high
Tuvalu Faka/lialia vale To dress immodestly, to dress as a person of loose morals
Tuvalu Ulupoko Skull
Tuvalu Saa Prefix added to indicate the family or associates of a person
Tuvalu Kkafi To be able to accomplish something; to be capable of doing something
Tuvalu Kamo Steal, take secretly
Tuvalu L/liko To scold, reprimand Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tuvalu Alava/fenua Shark: white pointer. (Carcharhinus albimarginatus) (Bsr).
Tuvalu Masagi To be lifted up, thrown up
Tuvalu Kafutu Type of tree
Tuvalu Oko To pick up items (followed by noun object, e.g. oko lau, pick up dead leaves)
Tuvalu Oko/oko To pick up rubbish
Tuvalu Oko eiloa Excellent
Tuvalu S/soko Frequently, continuously
Tuvalu Kaafaga Climbing ropes
Tuvalu Fuai/numela Number, figure
Tuvalu Poogia To stay out until after dark; to be confused
Tuvalu Siki Move, shift, lift up
Tuvalu S/siki To change position of a sail on a canoe or boat
Mota Siki Quote, copy
Tuvalu Siki Stick used to club fish with (Kennedy)
Tuvalu Fafa The rope from the boom of a sail
Tuvalu Konaa Demonstrative pronoun, those near you. Location marker over there
Tuvalu Kolaa Location marker. Over there, far away or socially marked
Tuvalu I Preposition that usually denotes position in space or time
Tuvalu Mai From
Tuvalu Mai Verb directional marker indicates towards speaker or subject of the sentence
Tuvalu Ave ifo [avaifo] To take down, bring down
Tuvalu Kkai To be sharp (of a knife or a blade)
Tuvalu Kkai Fairy story, fable
Tuvalu Polapola Type of basket
Tuvalu Fakaoti To finish, complete
Tuvalu Fakaoti Last (days)
Tuvalu Fakatoo Cause to fall or drop; cause rain to fall
Tuvalu Faauu To breastfeed
Tuvalu Fakaliki/liki Adverb used to indicate small pieces
Tuvalu Fai Prefix indicating the establishing of an adoptive relationship with others
Tuvalu Laa/h/lala Ruffled (of feathers); also of persons who have not combed their hair
Tuvalu Fulumata Eyebrows
Tuvalu Puao Mist
Tuvalu P/puku To be fat