Entries from Jackson 2001 in Pollex-Online

Jackson, G. W. (2001). Tuvaluan dictionary: Tuvaluan-English, English-Tuvaluan. Suva, Fiji. Geoff & Jenny Jackson.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu Aasaga Shallow passage. Sandbank (Bsr).
Tuvalu K/kalu (of throat) Full of mucus
Tuvalu Maasala, maahala (N) To remember
Tuvalu Ma(a)salo(salo) To be jealous, suspicious
Tuvalu Vale Drunk; fool, idiot, lunatic, retarded person
Tuvalu Vale In vain, worthless, futile
Tuvalu Tuulaki To stand around
Tuvalu Tafatafa (loc) Alongside, beside
Tuvalu Uluaki First-born, oldest child
Tuvalu Tupu Lump in the groin
Tuvalu Malooloo To rest, take a vacation
Tuvalu Telaa Demonstrative (away from speaker and person spoken to), that, who, whom (singular)
Tuvalu Mailiili To blow gently (of wind, breeze)
Tuvalu Pelaa Just like, just as
Tuvalu Sa/muu Dragonfly
Tuvalu V/valo To announce as a town crier; to prophesy
Tuvalu Tau/taa To sweat, perspire
Tuvalu Kaulama Dried coconut leaves
Tuvalu Toli To throw down breadfruit
Tuvalu Lao Tail of crayfish
Tuvalu Moemoeao Shark
Tuvalu Sepe To cut with a bush knife
Tuvalu Alafaki To sit up (without sleep), wait up at night
Tuvalu Kogaaloto Centre, middle
Tuvalu Fakatafa To get out of the way, turn aside, step aside
Tuvalu Fakaata(ata) To picture in mind, visualize
Tuvalu Seke To be out of joint, disjointed (of body limbs), sprained
Tuvalu Sagale Type of tree.
Tuvalu Sagale Type of tree.
Tuvalu G(i)gie Hardwood tree that thrives in swamping inland areas
Tuvalu Mafule [Obscene]
Tuvalu Takale Millionaire's salad, inner part of coconut at top of palm, used as a salad when the tree is chopped down
Tuvalu Toofiga Appointment, the act of appointing, assignment
Tuvalu P/paki Touch a switch, turn a switch on or off; collide, meet; compete
Tuvalu P/paki Break off, snap off
Tuvalu Pogaaleveleve Web; spider
Tuvalu Leveleve Spider's web, cobweb; pus that develops in eyes
Tuvalu Uu To bite; hot, spicy (of curry)
Tuvalu Galue Work, toil
Tuvalu Galue/lue To sway backwards and forwards (as in swaying hips while dancing)
Tuvalu Gasue To move, act, set in motion
Tuvalu Ualolo (pl. uallolo) Stream up to, go together, walk together (of a crowd)
Tuvalu Oli To be in expectation, to wish something will happen
Tuvalu Fua/avaka (of ships and canoes) Fleet, navy
Tuvalu Faiga Actions
Tuvalu Fakatu To stop (car); raise up, make stand up, erect
Tuvalu Kautaa Sticks used to beat a tin during a fatele
Tuvalu Fanooga The act of going somewhere
Tuvalu Fakavale/a To trick, deceive, make a person look like a fool
Tuvalu E Hey there! Marker used before or after a name to attract attention