Entries from Jackson 2001 in Pollex-Online

Jackson, G. W. (2001). Tuvaluan dictionary: Tuvaluan-English, English-Tuvaluan. Suva, Fiji. Geoff & Jenny Jackson.

Language Item Description
Tuvalu Aasaga Shallow passage. Sandbank (Bsr).
Tuvalu Aga Feast for firstborn; general term for feasts given for someone
Tuvalu Aga/aga mafai Hammerhead Shark
Tuvalu Aalofi Frontage of islet, island facing lagoon
Tuvalu Alogo Fish sp. (Acanthurus pyroferus, Ctenochaetus striatus)
Tuvalu Apu (in a game of rummy) To gather one's cards from the table...
Tuvalu Ave ifo [avaifo] To take down, bring down
Tuvalu Ave To take, to give something, to deliver
Tuvalu F/falo Stretch (rope)
Tuvalu Fita To tire, be weary, exhausted
Tuvalu Fita Efforts, works
Tuvalu Foki Again; also Problematic
Tuvalu Mafule [Obscene]
Tuvalu G(i)gie Hardwood tree that thrives in swamping inland areas
Tuvalu Uli Shoot of a plant
Tuvalu Kkai To be sharp (of a knife or a blade)
Tuvalu Kaipea (Niutao) Land crab sp.
Tuvalu K/kalu (of throat) Full of mucus
Tuvalu Kalo/kalo(afi) Flame. Spark (Rby).
Tuvalu Loofi/a To be flooded, covered with water
Tuvalu Loo/lolo (Of neap tide) to be high
Tuvalu Lolo Flood (n)
Tuvalu Kite To see (of eyes), to have sharp vision
Tuvalu Makuku To be injured, sprained (of back)
Tuvalu Maluu Calm (of sea, lagoon, or wind)
Tuvalu Maluu/luu Cold (from Samoan) Borrowed
Tuvalu Maluu(luu) Soft
Tuvalu Uluaki First-born, oldest child
Tuvalu Faka/maoni Loyal, honest, trustworthy, reliable, faithful, to prove, establish proof or credibility, verify honesty, loyalty, integrity (I).
Tuvalu Maasala, maahala (N) To remember
Tuvalu Ma(a)salo(salo) To be jealous, suspicious
Tuvalu To wipe using feet
Tuvalu Takale Millionaire's salad, inner part of coconut at top of palm, used as a salad when the tree is chopped down
Tuvalu Moto Green, unripe
Tuvalu Muko/muko Drinking (green) coconut in early stages of development
Tuvalu Oli To be in expectation, to wish something will happen
Tuvalu Ootai A drink made from the meat of the motmoto coconut, toddy, water and milk of the motomoto
Tuvalu P/pale To turn, steer
Tuvalu Poogia To stay out until after dark; to be confused
Tuvalu Kkai Fairy story, fable
Tuvalu Saale To walk
Tuvalu Sepo To lick
Tuvalu S/siu To be wet
Tuvalu Hoka To poke, to push fingers into an object; to husk coconuts
Tuvalu Soko, hoko Resemble, take after, look like
Tuvalu S/soko To be full (of liquids)
Tuvalu Oko To pick up items (followed by noun object, e.g. oko lau, pick up dead leaves)
Tuvalu Suaavale Saliva
Tuvalu Toli To throw down breadfruit
Tuvalu Tua Back (of a person, animal, object)