Entries from Firth 1985 in Pollex-Online

Firth, R. (1985). Tikopia-English Dictionary/Taranga Fakatikopia ma Taranga Fakainglisi. Auckland, Auckland University Press

Language Item Description
Tikopia Fe-fea How?
Tikopia Fea Where?, what?, when?
Tikopia Feao Material object giving spiritual protection (Firth 1967:210)
Tikopia Feata A large nefunefu (Epinephelus sp.?)
Tikopia Featu Fight, struggle
Tikopia Feka Hard, solid
Tikopia Fefokisaki
Tikopia Fekafeka Gritty Problematic
Tikopia Fekau Messenger
Tikopia Fekau Work (gen. as opposed to leisure, recreation); traditional ritual performance (with emphasis on routine, energy-demanding activity; church ritual, Christianity, the Gospel
Tikopia Feke Octopus
Tikopia Fekii Break wind, fart
Tikopia Fekite See each other, meet
Tikopia Fela Put up legs apart Problematic
Tikopia Feravei Cross each other, meet
Tikopia Ferave/aki Catch in one another, intertwine, tangle
Tikopia Fero Tawny, yellow, brown, brown-red; applied esp. to ripening fruits
Tikopia Fero Ficus sp.
Tikopia Fenua Land, island, country
Tikopia Fenua People of a land; folk
Tikopia Fana fenua Cannon
Tikopia Feo Coral. Madrepore (Drd).
Tikopia Fesi Tree sp.
Tikopia Fesu Clutch, grasp firmly, make fast
Tikopia Fetau Tree sp. (Calophyllum inophyllum)
Tikopia Fetefete Rugged, rough-surfaced (e.g.bark of a tree)
Tikopia Fetuu Star, constellation
Tikopia Fetu-vao Morning Star
Tikopia Feunu/kaki To cross and recross (e.g. of a path, of fish crossing a lake) Problematic
Tikopia Fia Want, desire, wish
Tikopia Fiafia Glad
Tikopia Fifi tangata A climbing plant (Papilionaceae, Mucuna sp.) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Fia How many?
Tikopia Fisi Tangled, troubled
Tikopia Fisi/fisi Tangled up, difficult, irritated
Tikopia Fiu Edge of kie pandanus mat, plaited in
Tikopia Firi Select
Tikopia Firi Harbour angry thoughts, brood
Tikopia Fi/firi/ Necklet, plait (hair only)
Tikopia Firo Roll cord on thigh, twist
Tikopia Firoa A fish (Lethrinus chrystomus)
Tikopia Fina Tremble Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tikopia Finangaro Resentment
Tikopia Fisoa (Colubrina asiatica)
Tikopia Fitaa Sated, fed up
Tikopia Fiti Spring
Tikopia Fiti Rise, (e.g. of moon), sprout
Tikopia Fiti Name for Melanesian Islands to immediate north and south of Tikopia
Tikopia Fitifitikia To have developed pubic hair
Tikopia Fitu Seven