Entries from Feinberg 1977 in Pollex-Online

Feinberg, R. (1977). The Anutan language reconsidered: Lexicon and grammar of a Polynesian Outlier. New Haven, Human Relations Area Files Press.

Language Item Description
Anuta E/ni This, here, over here
Anuta Poopora, porapora Type of large basket
Anuta Pui/pui To shut (a screen or door)
Anuta Pakaoti Conclusion, ending
Anuta Pakaoti Completely, throughout, all, without exception
Anuta Apo(taki) To hit something with a stick, axe or adze
Anuta Paka/to/tonu Straighten
Anuta Pakatonu Believe, make sure of, get straight, settle, confirm, verify
Anuta Puru/puru To wash one's self
Anuta Pakatupu/nga Beginning; growing point
Anuta Pakakai To sharpen
Anuta Taupiri/piri Enemy Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta Araara To chat, discuss; discussion
Anuta Araara/panga Story
Anuta Turiinima Outside elbow joint
Anuta Amonga A load carried on the back and supported with one hand, "men's style"
Anuta Pai umu To make oven (i.e. prepare food in an earth oven)
Anuta Tao/tao Coconut fronds covering roof
Anuta Ngangau To have a headache; to be in a weakened condition because of a headache
Anuta Rototonu Middle
Anuta Pai Occur
Anuta Vare Foolish, stupid, mentally unbalanced (person)
Anuta Varea Intensified form of vare (fool, foolish), sometimes used to connote process [e.g.become foolish, go crazy]
Anuta Taute To make, do, work at; to treat an illness or injury
Anuta Teki To jump or twitch, as when bitten by an ant
Anuta Poro To paint with turmeric
Anuta Puariki "Wild betel nut", a type of areca palm bearing only a very small fruit Problematic
Anuta Taia To hit (an embellishment of ta [taa]).
Anuta Pakata(a) To appear
Anuta Aropi/tai Water covering the fringing reef
Anuta Kere/kere Dirty
Anuta Ui tua Backbone
Anuta Va/va Hubbub; a situation where everyone is talking at once
Anuta Totoro To crawl
Anuta Pakaangiangi To expose oneself to wind or breeze
Anuta Panau Be born, give birth
Anuta Piti/piti Difficult in the extreme, used especially with respect to worship and church related matters Uncertain Semantic Connection
Anuta PuĆ³ Hold of a canoe -- area under *puke* in which fish are kept during an ocean voyage
Anuta Maikao tuti Index finger
Anuta Romaki To plant a seedling by first digging a hole for it and placing the plant into the hole...
Anuta Roro/roro Fatty, greasy; fat, grease
Anuta Vavaa For crops to be planted spread out from each other
Anuta Rakau Wood, stick, club, plank, timber, log
Anuta Apu To spring forth
Anuta Apu/kere Earthsprung, autochthone
Anuta Pai pekau To (do) work
Anuta Pekau Work (n); worship (particularly Christian); the Church
Anuta Tau toa A pair of "bond friends"; a "bond friend" relationship