Entries from Collocott 1925-26 in Pollex-Online

Collocott, E.E.V. (1925-26) Supplementary Tongan vocabulary. Journal of the Polynesian Society 34(2): 146-169; 34(3): 193-213

Language Item Description
Niuafo'ou No/ʔi Sent about, ordered hither and thither Problematic
Niuafo'ou Aua Don't
Niuafo'ou Aumai Bring here
Niuafo'ou Atua Spirit, god
Niuafo'ou E e Yes, of course
Niuafo'ou Ia Postposed emphatic particle
Niuafo'ou Olo Go (dual and plural)
Niuafo'ou Boho/boho Expression of surprise
Niuafo'ou Ga/lalo Below, to the shore
Niuafo'ou Hami A savory of sea water and fermented cocoanut
Niuafo'ou Kailoa Simple negative, no
Niuafo'ou Koga/umu Oven
Niuafo'ou Koga/umu Oven
Niuafo'ou Kua Mark of past or perfect tense
Niuafo'ou Leke Space in house between mat and wall
Niuafo'ou Li/liki Small
Niuafo'ou Mauli Alive
Niuafo'ou Malama Light, lamp
Niuafo'ou Malili Cold Phonologically Irregular
Niuafo'ou Muli/muli = Tongan muimui [to follow]
Niuafo'ou Neʔe Past tense marker (= Tongan na'e)
Niuafo'ou Taulua = Tongan ongo (dual number marker)
Niuafo'ou Tabutoki Name of a tree
Niuafo'ou Tuleki = Tongan tulaki [push over, knock over]
Niuafo'ou Vala ʔaho Working dress
Tongan Matakila When the moon begins to appear, and is said to be seen by gods and only afterwards by men (Collocott)
Tongan Fuo/fua/vale Almost full moon (Collocott) Problematic
Niuatoputapu Vala/vala Working dress