Entries from Dougherty 1983 in Pollex-Online

Dougherty, J. W. D. (1983). West Futuna-Aniwa: An Introduction to a Polynesian Outlier Language. Berkeley, University of California Press.

Language Item Description
West Futuna Kiri/jia To hit, pound; to bang into. Fouetter; battre la bourre avant de faire ficelle (Rve). Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna Kofu/kofu A species of spider that makes a large, fine web which appears to be a misty film (This spider is sacred and embodies an important spirit.) Toile d'araignée (Rve).
West Futuna Kou kau Poutro horizontale du toit
West Futuna Mate ta vai Thirsty
West Futuna Mate/ia To long for, to be dying for a thing
West Futuna Poja rima matua; poja vae matua Thumb; big toe
West Futuna Tuta Canoe made of two trees (ANI)
West Futuna Ruru/ia Shake, tremble. Secouer; tourner dans tous les sens pour arracher (Rve).
West Futuna (Tag)tago Grope, feel for
West Futuna Ri/ri To fan
West Futuna Pani/a Take one's goods
West Futuna Pan/pani/a To fine, to take one's goods and outlaw one
West Futuna Vava Empty space. Ecartement (Rve).
West Futuna I In, at, on
West Futuna Jiro Shoot, bud (n); to bud
West Futuna Raga fare House posts
West Futuna Kitea To see something, look at something
West Futuna Katea. Kátea (Cpl). To perceive, see, find Phonologically Irregular
West Futuna Mate ta oge To be hungry