Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Kulii Dog
Sikaiana Kulu Breadfruit
Sikaiana Kumete Wooden bowl
Sikaiana K/kumi Press hard, massage
Sikaiana Kupena Net
Sikaiana Kutu Louse
Sikaiana I At
Sikaiana Ia Third person singular personal pronoun
Sikaiana Ia Postposed particle...can set off one phrase from another or mark a contrast between two phrases
Sikaiana Ihi Tahitian Chestnut
Sikaiana Ila Natural mark on skin
Sikaiana Ili Fan (n)
Sikaiana Ili/hia To be blown on by the mouth of someone else
Sikaiana Ilo Maggot
Sikaiana Iloa To know
Sikaiana Inaki Roof segments between main rafters
Sikaiana Ino Be at a slant, go down (of sun)
Sikaiana Io Strip of flesh
Sikaiana Ise Fish sp
Sikaiana Isi To peel
Sikaiana Ivi Bone
Sikaiana Laa There
Sikaiana Laa The sail of a ship
Sikaiana Laa Branch (of a tree)
Sikaiana Laa Sun
Sikaiana Muaa/lae Forehead
Sikaiana Laha Ringworm
Sikaiana Lahalaha, llaha Wide
Sikaiana L/lana Plait
Sikaiana Lani Sky
Sikaiana L/lano To support, prop up
Sikaiana Laka Cross over, pass, step over; be first, be best, pass (exam); pass (of time)
Sikaiana Laakau Plant
Sikaiana Laku/laku To scratch; to draw someone's attention by scratching them
Sikaiana Lala Warm up
Sikaiana Ma/lli Secrete saliva
Sikaiana Lalo Below, underneath; down; when at sea towards deeper water both inside the lagoon and outside the lagoon
Sikaiana Laaua Third person dual independent pronoun
Sikaiana Lama/lama To watch for
Sikaiana L/lama Torch fishing
Sikaiana Lanu To be mixed, of a semi-solid with a liquid, to thin the semi-solid
Sikaiana L/lao/ Put finger down thrown to induce vomiting
Sikaiana Laoi Good, fine, content, healthy, in working order
Sikaiana Lapa To flash, as lightning or a flashing light
Sikaiana Lau Leaf
Sikaiana Lau Strain through a cloth
Sikaiana Lau Hundred
Sikaiana Laatou Third person plural independent pronoun
Sikaiana Lava Sufficient, usually in measurements of quantity, size and weight
Sikaiana Lave Catch onto, hook onto, as a fishhook catches onto a piece of coral