Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Hakatonu To trust a person
Sikaiana Hakatonu To judge and make a decision in a court case
Sikaiana Hulu To smear with mud or dirt
Sikaiana Hakatupu/nna Nursery or storage area for sprouted coconuts
Sikaiana Mate To fall in love, including as a result of love magic
Sikaiana Taupili Close to or near, in time or space; to be close to doing something
Sikaiana Kaukau A part of the roof of a house: a pole that rests horizontally on the large roof beams {oka naniu} and supports the small roofbeams {oka likiliki} Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Tula The muscle of a shell fish that adheres to a rock
Sikaiana Tulana The rings around the bark of a coconut tree or sugar cane
Sikaiana Moto To be unripe, of fruit
Sikaiana Manu Kite made from pandanus leaf
Sikaiana Otaota The placenta of childbirth
Sikaiana S/solo Wash or clean with water
Sikaiana Alamea Starfish sp., crown of thorns Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Kalamea A sea urchin species Problematic
Sikaiana Ute The tail of a crab or snail
Sikaiana Tao/tao Sit on eggs
Sikaiana Lottonu In the middle
Sikaiana Tuki Wooden pounder, hammer
Sikaiana T/tuki A nail
Sikaiana Mata To have grown flesh inside, of a green coconut
Sikaiana Kaaile First coconut growth stage
Sikaiana Ka/matuu Mature coconuts that have fallen or are about to fall from trees, and can be used for making copra or eaten
Sikaiana Matahili To be hard inside, of a green coconut (5th stage
Sikaiana Pasiosio A tornado
Sikaiana Ssave Flying fish
Sikaiana Hai To have, to be in possession
Sikaiana Hai (with directional particle) To say, to tell; to have the notion, to have the belief, to think
Sikaiana Kaualiki lliki Plant sp.
Sikaiana Kaualiki naniu Plant sp.
Sikaiana Ili To fan with a hand held fan; to blow into
Sikaiana Sulumaki To fall forward
Sikaiana Taaute Decorated with flowers and plants
Sikaiana Tokia To be wet from being rained upon
Sikaiana Uli A shoot or root of taro
Sikaiana Naa Demonstrative pronoun: that, there, in sight, but on other side of listener. In conversation, a statement recently spoken as part of the present conversation.
Sikaiana Nunu To grate a substance to extract juice or sap
Sikaiana Haka/p/pisi To spray, as in spraying DDT to kill mosquitoes
Sikaiana Piisi/a To have something caught in the eye
Sikaiana Taia Hit, kick (passive of taa)
Sikaiana Halona A trip or journey away from Sikaiana or Solomon Islands by any conveyance Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Tili/houna Kingfisher
Sikaiana L/lano For the tide to come in Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Puku vae Ankle
Sikaiana Tele Flow, as water flows from a hose, in a current or a river
Sikaiana Tukuhala A species of edible nut, ‘cutnut’ -- one of the four fruits whose harvest was restricted during the harvest ceremonies {huata}.
Sikaiana Semo To lick Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Hakkii The throat
Sikaiana Aho ake Day after tomorrow
Sikaiana HInaanahi ake Day before yesterday