Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Sano/sano (pass. sano/ia) To suspect
Sikaiana Sala/sala To strip off the branches or vines from a tree, to prune
Sikaiana Salahalu A plant species; used for making the rim {kaullie} of bird nets {seu}, flying fish nets {taetae}, and axe handles {kautoki}
Sikaiana See/see To search for members of the opposite sex in courtship
Sikaiana S/see To seek, search for, look for
Sikaiana Se/kumi Ten fathoms, of length
Sikaiana Sepu Dive from the surface of the water to underneath
Sikaiana Siki/siki The method of weaving/plaiting used for the end of a mat (vasa)
Sikaiana S/siki A traditional midwife who supervised the mother during her pregnancy and childbirth
Sikaiana Pa/siosio A tornado
Sikaiana Pusaki/na Air spout of a whale
Sikaiana Sivo Nine
Sikaiana Hoko- (followed by pronoun) Alone, by *self
Sikaiana Hoko tahi One (of a quantity, when reporting numbers)
Sikaiana Sopo te laa Last part of dawn sequence when the sun rises above horizon
Sikaiana Sua/mele Type of men's song with actions...
Sikaiana Suki/suki To peck, as chickens do; to eat, as insects do
Sikaiana Suki/suki The end of a coconut branch... Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Sulu To set (of the sun or stars)
Sikaiana Taa/taa To cut wood with an adze, as in shaping a canoe
Sikaiana Taha/llo A glass bottle
Sikaiana Tahea To drift, to be carried by a current
Sikaiana T/taha To circumcise (not practised on Sikaiana) Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Taahena A flood or overflow of water, a flow of water
Sikaiana Tahi To cut hair all over the head
Sikaiana Tahuli To be turned over; to be turned over in a canoe
Sikaiana Lau cardinal number - one hundred for mats, pudding, fish, and fathoms
Sikaiana Kau- Prefix for cardinal numbers - the prefixed number times ten for counting pudding (kaatalo), mats (pola, kapanni, tapakau) and years
Sikaiana O Preposition marking inalienable possession: of, belonging to, for both animate and inanimate possessors
Sikaiana A Preposition marking A-class alienable possession. Of, belonging to.
Sikaiana I Preposition, locative and temporal: at, on, in
Sikaiana Tau [Possessive pronoun, 2nd person singular for singular alienable objects] your
Sikaiana Tana Possessive pronoun, third person singular for singular alienable objects. His, her
Sikaiana Tona Third person singular, singular object possessive O-class
Sikaiana Toku Possessive pronoun, 1st person singular for singular inalienable objects, my
Sikaiana Kkave iho Send down Problematic
Sikaiana Puipui To close up a house, as when locking up; to build the walling around a house
Sikaiana Puipui A shirt without sleeves that is worn over the shoulders for dancing and other ceremonies
Sikaiana Hula To dance in European style... [borrowed from Luangiua] Borrowed
Sikaiana Ahali Sturgeon [sic] fish species
Sikaiana Ahiahi The evening time, starting from just before sunset until after it is dark and the sun’s reflection can no longer be seen on the horizon; from about 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm
Sikaiana Hakaoti Complete something, finish a project; dismiss someone from a job, fire, sack
Sikaiana Hakaoti The end of something, the last part of something
Sikaiana Hakaoti Completely, entirely, thoroughly
Sikaiana Haka/h/hula To blow up, as of a balloon
Sikaiana Tanaloa A shooting star
Sikaiana Tau To be fitted together, in place, as the floor tiles of a house; to be sufficient, enough
Sikaiana Hai- Used before kinship terms to denote the relationship between the kinship categories...
Sikaiana Puku/puku Round
Sikaiana Hakatonu To straighten (vt) in shape; correct the social behaviour of others;