Entries from Donner 1983-87 in Pollex-Online

Donner, W. (1987) Sikaiana Vocabulary: Na male ma na talatala o Sikaiana. Honiara, Solomon Island

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Satta Goatfish sp.
Sikaiana Simata [cardinal number] One thousand (for roof mats, pudding and fish)
Sikaiana Sikisiki Bird sp.
Sikaiana K/kami Run
Sikaiana Kaapiti A mat for flooring similar to a tapakau, but with only one side. (Shaped to cover a small area inside the house where a tapakau would not fit)
Sikaiana Kupu The south, the southern direction
Sikaiana Si/a/oa Cardinal number, two, when reporting numbers
Sikaiana Oa/ta Twins Problematic
Sikaiana Katoko A seagull species
Sikaiana Uua loto The edge of the reef on the lagoon side
Sikaiana Koko Sago palm (rare on Sikaiana)
Sikaiana Oli A traditional form of prayer to the spirits (aitu, tupua)
Sikaiana Oli/tana A prayer type which was sung to control the weather
Sikaiana Hakatuu Make stand, set up in vertical position; make, establish, set up
Sikaiana Akonaki To teach, especially about correct social behaviour; teachings, instruction
Sikaiana Pule A ritual role. There were two pule. One, pule i ttua, was responsible for looking over the crops and the harvest ceremonies. The other, pule i Muli Akau, was responsible for placating the spirits of the reef.
Sikaiana Pule/pule To be jealous, especially in sexual matters; to be possessive of a spouse or child in regards to sexual affairs.
Sikaiana Hakaaloha To do something in a manner that makes others pity you, pitiful; to give very generously and excessively to others
Sikaiana Kailaalao To lie, cheat, steal
Sikaiana Kava A cemetery, a burial ground
Sikaiana S/seni Going blind, able to see shapes but not recognize specific faces
Sikaiana Naniu Large, big Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana To/iho To fall down
Sikaiana Vesili Ask, inquire, question Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Aiia Why?
Sikaiana Maahoa To be bald headed (often demeaning) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana Taulekaleka Beautiful, pleasant
Sikaiana Lliki To strike with a hand held object; to beat a drum or play the guitar; to ring up, call on the telephone
Sikaiana Haitaina In the relationship of same sex sibling
Sikaiana Maataa huahua Pimple; the white buds that grow on sea-grass
Sikaiana Ka/pihi Make a crashing sound, have an impact, strike
Sikaiana Lehu/na Clouds
Sikaiana Kopi To carry on the hip, as one carries a child
Sikaiana K/kopi Warped, bent by humidity or heat Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana Taha To the side, away (loc)
Sikaiana Mili To hold; drill, to drill; spinning top
Sikaiana Mili/a To be spoiled through constant touching, as when a child plays too roughly with a kitten
Sikaiana M/mili To turn, twist (vt)
Sikaiana Kiona Place, area, (one's) home Phonologically Irregular
Sikaiana Haka/lialia To be revolted by something, to be disgusted by something, especially certain foods or filth.
Sikaiana Maneke Stative of neke 'move from one place to another'
Sikaiana Penu/penu Brideprice payment [gift exchange between families] Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana Pinipini A tree sp. used for making canoes (Calophyllum?)
Sikaiana Nnaa (Make) loud noise
Sikaiana Napa Embarrassed, ashamed
Sikaiana A laa Other; some other
Sikaiana K/kamo To steal (figurative)
Sikaiana Kapihi To make a crashing sound, have an impact, strike; used to signal that something dramatic is about to happen in narrative
Sikaiana L/lana To float in water
Sikaiana L/liko To expel, send away, chase away, disinherit