Entries from Savage 1962 in Pollex-Online

Savage, S. (1962). A Dictionary of the Maori Language of Rarotonga. Wellington, Department of Island Territories.

Language Item Description
Rarotongan Tu/tuʔa/ Spit
Rarotongan Tuungou To salute, nod the head, bow
Rarotongan Tui Sew, thread, pierce
Rarotongan Tuki Pound, beat, bruise, strike
Rarotongan Tuku Release
Rarotongan Tuurori To stumble
Rarotongan Turuki Threshold of a building, door-sill
Rarotongan Turuma Ghost, apparition; + corpse (Etn)
Rarotongan Tuʔi Act of writing or drawing, or delineating; adorn, as with designs
Rarotongan Tuutaki Meet, join up, come up with; recompense, equivalence
Rarotongan Tutu Beating out of anga cloth
Rarotongan Uue kee To turn or twists about in different directions
Rarotongan Uukuu/i Rub (as with sandpaper), rub clean, polish
Rarotongan Uma(uma) Wrestle with hands only
Rarotongan Unu-rua A large double canoe
Rarotongan Utu Payment; take payment
Rarotongan Utu Revenge
Rarotongan Vaere To weed, clear
Rarotongan U(v)ero Blaze up (fire), burst forth (sun’s rays) Problematic
Rarotongan Vaerua Spirit, soul; ghost
Rarotongan Vaenga Division, centre, middle
Rarotongan Vaara To be apart, as of distance; not close together
Rarotongan Vari Mud, dirt, slush
Rarotongan Vata An opening; a tear or rent
Rarotongan Veka Flash by or across suddenly; flicker as a light; twinkle
Rarotongan Veku Tufted end of a coconut
Rarotongan Vere That which is of a gauze-like appearance, or that which is thin or fine to make; anything flimsy and easily broken; the uvula . To pout
Rarotongan Vete Separate, part, sever
Rarotongan Vivo A flute
Rarotongan Mape Kidney
Rarotongan Ikuiku The leaves [sic] of a thatched house
Rarotongan Muri-aa An ancient festival: a lunar month of the year
Rarotongan Akaau A season of the year which begins in the middle of December, the season of plenty, the hot period of the year
Rarotongan Kauʔunu A season of the year; the second lunar month of the ancient Maori calendar. Eleventh month (Smith).
Rarotongan Paroro-muri Second period of the paroro, i.e. the months of July and August
Rarotongan Paroro-mua The first period of the paroro, i.e. the months of May and June
Rarotongan ʔAkaata To cause a shadow or shadows to form; to simulate, as by gesture; to menace, to threaten
Rarotongan Nga/mau The Magellan clouds
Rarotongan Pipiri/maa Star names: the inseparables, the double star in Scorpio
Rarotongan Aka/ii Ensnare, entangle
Rarotongan Rangi A word used to denote: supreme in authority...the paramount high chief...
Rarotongan Tauoa/oa To entreat, to ask earnestly, to beg, to endeavour to make friendly overtures etc., according to context; to make close friendship