Entries from Peter Sharples in Pollex-Online

Personal Communication

Language Item Description
Sikaiana Siva A type of song
Sikaiana Sopo Jump (sg. subj.)
Sikaiana Sopo/sopo Jumping (sg. subj.)
Sikaiana S/sue/i To dig
Sikaiana Simu- Prefixed to several trigger fish varieties
Sikaiana Taaea A fish sp.
Sikaiana T/tano/ Catch bird with hand
Sikaiana Tala Sharp-pointed object
Sikaiana Tamahahine Daughter
Sikaiana Tamalliki Children
Sikaiana Ttasi Scrape
Sikaiana Taautu Fish sp.
Sikaiana Tiia Glow Problematic
Sikaiana Tike/tike Lofty, elevated
Sikaiana Tili Cast a body into sea; bury in sea
Sikaiana Tipa Stagger
Sikaiana Tuunia To set alight to
Sikaiana Usuusu Provoke.
Sikaiana V/vaa Speech heard but speakers unseen
Sikaiana Vaahi Part, side
Sikaiana Vai-uu Human milk
Sikaiana V/valo/ Shout out
Sikaiana Valo Sea-prawn
Sikaiana Vasa/o Sea as an interval of space between two places
Sikaiana Vili Fast; vilivili :very quickly. Quickly, rapidly (Dnr).
Sikaiana Tau Be fit or suitable