Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Tu/pou To bow the head and show the posteriors towards a person, by way of contempt
Tahitian Ha/ae The saliva from the mouth
Tahitian Eu/eu To move or stir, as an infant under its sleeping-cloth
Tahitian Oro/a A feast connected with prayers and other religious observances...
Tahitian Honoa An agreement, a plot; things joined
Tahitian Mamaiâ A party formed some time ago at Tahiti...who professed to improve upon the received Religion, and to be given to extraordinary prayer; they discarded some of the essentials of Christianity, and were immoral in their conduct
Tahitian Puao Cartridge of powder; any small wrapper, or thing rolled up, as paper, cloth &c.; to make cartridges, to wrap or roll up small things Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Puu/puu Rough, uneven, irregular; also agitated, as the sea
Tahitian Toro To run or creep, as vines or roots of plants; to stretch out
Tahitian Tautai A certain mode of fishing, of which there are many names
Tahitian Ravaai A fisherman; to fish
Tahitian Taiʔa A fisherman; to fish by angling, or otherwise
Tahitian Tauhoa/ni To entice by soft words; to have a longing desire, or wish for an object; the meeting of different winds Problematic
Tahitian E And, or
Tahitian A Denoting the continuance of the action or of the things mentioned (post-verbal)
Tahitian Tupe A species of cockle shell
Tahitian Rauava The *miro* or *amae* leaves used in the marae for various sacred purposes
Tahitian Raumanu The fish, where the birds congregate over some part of the sea; also the fish, caught at the end of the season
Tahitian Faarau To make hundreds, or count by hundreds
Tahitian Hau/hau To take off the first chips in hollowing a tree
Tahitian Hioe Thin, of hair through disease Problematic
Tahitian Hurihuri/fenua To deliberate or turn over in the mind the political affairs of the country
Tahitian Huri/fenua The name given to a very tempestuous wind
Tahitian Manu A short cross seat in a canoe. Siège court en travers dans une pirogue, prévu pour les invités (Aca).
Tahitian Utu/a/fare A person's own home or house; also the family or household of a person
Tahitian Paari Mature, old, ripe, hard; wise, knowing, skilful, cunning
Tahitian Ruru A roll, or bale of cloth
Tahitian Vai To be; to remain or abide
Tahitian Tuʔu The name of a species of spider
Tahitian Tuutuu A sort of spider
Tahitian Tuu/tuu/tautai The frequent use of the fishing net
Tahitian Vinivini To be smarting, as from the lash of a whip
Tahitian Vae The timbers of a boat or ship; the small rafters of a *fareoa*, or little house, made with the top like the cover of a wagon
Tahitian Hai/a. Haai/ʔa (Aca). A prayer for a person poisoned with fish. Prière pour une personne empoisonnée par le poisson (Aca).
Tahitian Po The unknown world, or hades; the place of punishment in the other world
Tahitian Po Antiquity, unknown, ancient date Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Rire The yellow vi-apple; to be in a state of fear Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Uui To rub or polish a canoe, umete, &c.
Tahitian Ui To grate, to rub; a grater or rubber
Tahitian Fata/rau The common altar for sacrifices