Entries from Davies 1851 in Pollex-Online

Davies, J. (1851). A Tahitian and English dictionary with Introductory remarks on the Polynesian language and a short grammar of the Tahitian dialect. Tahiti, London Missionary Society's Press.

Language Item Description
Tahitian Ahe/ahe Emptiness; empty (as the stomach) Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Ahi Fire
Tahitian Aho Thread, cord, twine
Tahitian Ahu/ahu Hot, sultry, not airy; the heat of the sun or of clothes
Tahitian Ahu To throw up or huddle toegher a heap of things; to pile up stones or throw up earth, as for a fortification; to put up the wall of a marae; to make an inclosure to catch fish in shallow places (Dvs). Plate-forme supérieure des marae (Lmt)
Tahitian Aiai A species of the pandanus (called also fara vao) Problematic
Tahitian A/ao Thin, wasted by disease
Tahitian Au Smoke, vapour
Tahitian Ai Copulate, applied to both sexes
Tahitian Aitu God or goddess
Tahitian Abu rima The hollow of the hand
Tahitian Abu The shell of a nut, gourd, or fish; a concave or hollow...
Tahitian Ae The name of a sweet-scented plant, used for the sweet monoi or native oil
Tahitian Aiai Fair, clear, unsoiled, white, comely Uncertain Semantic Connection
Tahitian Araara/vî The name of a fish, which when full grown is called hiroa
Tahitian Areare To be sick or qualmish; sickness, qualmishness of the stomach as in seasickness; or loathing food; also perturbation of mind
Tahitian Areàre Thin, worn out, as the bottom of a canoe...
Tahitian Aneane Clear, as a fine and cloudless atmosphere Borrowed Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Ari/ari Clear, fair, transparent
Tahitian Aria The space between objects; the parts between the knots of sugar cane, bamboo, &c.
Tahitian Arii A head or principal chief; a king
Tahitian Ariri Name of a small shell fish
Tahitian Aroha Compassion, pity, sympathy, love, affection; to have pity or compassion; to shew mercy, love, sympathy; pitiable
Tahitian Aru/aru A pursuer, a huntsman; to hunt, pursue
Tahitian Ami The spawn of crabs, lobsters, &c.
Tahitian Amio Unsettled, changeable
Tahitian Amu/amu To mock, deride, call ill names ; to grumble, murmur
Tahitian Aniva/niva A great deal of giddiness or vertigo; to be moving in a zigzag course, as an arrow, or lightning
Tahitian Anini Giddiness; a sense of turning in the head, to be giddy, dizzy
Tahitian Ano Desolate, as a house or land; the desolate state of a country, or of a house, for want of inhabitants
Tahitian Anu Cold
Tahitian O/ao A cocoanut that has no water or kernel
Tahitian O/ao/ao An old empty cocoanut
Tahitian Te ao nei The present world, the present state of existence
Tahitian Ao Bright clouds of the sky. Nuage, nuée (Jsn).
Tahitian Ao Heaven, blessedness, happiness; the state of the blessed; the good reign of a prince
Tahitian Aparai Clear, cloudless, of sky
Tahitian Apere The reed thrown or darted in the game called aperea; the person that throws the reed
Tahitian Apiapi Filled, occupied, narrow
Tahitian Apopo Tomorrow
Tahitian Apu, abu To dart or fly at each other, as pigs or fishes; to fall upon each other, as dogs when eating....
Tahitian Ahu To scoop, lade, or shovel; to take up any thing with a vessel or a ladle
Tahitian Atavai Pretty, elegant Phonologically Irregular
Tahitian Atea Clear, having no obstruction, no obscurity; openness, clearness, distinctness; distant, far off
Tahitian Ateroa The milt or spleen
Tahitian Ati Cleave or adhere to a person; to join
Tahitian Atiu/aea The name of a yellow running plant (Dvs). (Luffa insularum) (Cucurbit) (Jsn)
Tahitian Au(r)aa Not, do not, imperatively
Tahitian Aumihi Grief, pity, compassion
Tahitian Autara To sharpen the edge of a bamboo splinter for cutting with