Entries from Mutu 2002 in Pollex-Online

Mutu, M. and e. a. Te'ikitutoua, B. (2002). 'Ua Pou: aspects of a Marquesan dialect. Canberra, Pacific Linguistics.

Language Item Description
Marquesas Aate- Carefully, slowly
Marquesas ʔA Inceptive; imperative (UAP)
Marquesas Ia Desiderative; punctative (UAP)
Marquesas Koʔoua Aged, decrepit . Old man
Marquesas Kootou Second person plural pronoun
Marquesas Ioo Location in space; to, in, into, on, beside, near, at, or to the home of
Marquesas Mau Paucal number marker (UAP)
Marquesas Noa Without limits
Marquesas Oti Perhaps
Marquesas Peʔau Speak
Marquesas Taha tai Seaside
Marquesas Tee Negative, diminutive
Marquesas Ke...nei Present tense
Marquesas Titiʔi Throw
Marquesas Nunu Faire cuir . Cook (UAP)