Entries from Codrington & Palmer 1896 in Pollex-Online

Codrington, R. H. and J. Palmer (1896). A dictionary of the language of Mota, Sugarloaf Island, Banks' Islands. London, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Language Item Description
Mota Aŋoaŋo Yellow
Mota Giregire Tropic bird
Mota Alo Steer with the stroke paddle
Mota Rame/ai Eggs of crawfish, crabs
Mota Asa To rub, wash by rubbing
Mota I n/au I, me Problematic
Mota Aru Current
Mota Vat Four
Mota Pepe Pickaback Problematic
Mota Vava To say
Mota Vavaŋo/v To awaken
Mota Vavine Woman
Mota Vawo Above
Mota Waŋa Open the mouth
Mota Waŋana Pull out, as tooth
Mota Vaŋa/n To feed
Mota Vaŋona Catch fish with a line, get shellfish
Mota Wosa A boil
Mota Vene Shoot with a bow
Mota Pane Boom with forked end stepped on the foot of the mast
Mota Vau Tie
Mota Visa How many?
Mota Wir a bird
Mota Wose Paddle
Mota Wog Change, in character or colour
Mota Wono Close
Mota Wona Fish fence of stones Problematic
Mota Woa/i Fruit
Mota Vuras Come forth, as out of house or into the open >
Mota Vun To deceive
Mota Vus Strike, punch
Mota ŋala Be out of breath, pant, be tired
Mota Ara Drive away, chase
Mota Sava What?
Mota Sei Who?
Mota Sakaru Coral stones on the shore
Mota Sug To wash
Mota Alang Make a speech, harangue Problematic
Mota Ganase Mullet
Mota Ganawa/sia A tree
Mota Gaso A rafter
Mota Gatae Side of canoe opposite outrigger
Mota Gat Chew
Mota Garu Wade, swim (of men)
Mota Gil Dig
Mota Gese That and nothing else
Mota Gete Woven basket
Mota Gire (Pandanus odoratissimus)
Mota Goro Embrace Problematic
Mota Kom Keep food in the mouth, in the cheek