Entries from McEwen 1970 in Pollex-Online

McEwen, J. M. (1970). Niue Dictionary. Wellington, Department of Maori and Island Affairs.

Language Item Description
Niue Kili Saw, file; to saw. To rub against (Sph).
Niue Kihi Stunted
Niue Kitu Intensifier to "long" Problematic
Niue Kitikiti-vai. Kitekitevai (Lws,Tgr). Dragonfly
Niue Kivi Tapering, diminishing in size; gradually disappearing in the distance
Niue Faka/kivi/kivi Close the eyes. Keep squinting (Sph).
Niue Kola Young coconut with little pulp in it
Niue Ole Beg, beseech. To ask (Sph). Phonologically Irregular
Niue Koli/koli Dance; a dance; to rejoice; joy
Niue Koupu Anus, fish-gullet Phonologically Irregular
Niue Kovi Abnormal. Abnormally small (usually refers to offspring) (Sph).
Niue Haa/ku My, of mine
Niue Kului Lift a heavy weight
Niue Ipu Cup.
Niue Ivi Fish-bone. Strength (Sph). Borrowed
Niue Laa Branch (of tree); strand (of rope). (Carries the connotation of being 'small' or 'the smaller part of a whole') (Sph). Phonologically Irregular
Niue Afo/lau Bivouac, temporary shelter
Niue Lafu Collective term used in describing group of women or children. Gathering of siblings and other relatives of same generation (Sph).
Niue Laakau Shrub, plant. [In names for various mechanical devices] (Sph). Borrowed
Niue Laki West
Niue Lamati Court, woo (colloquial)
Niue Lama Lamp-black, soot Problematic
Niue Ama Search for crabs, etc. with a torch
Niue Lanu Colour; to be varied, variegated
Niue Lapalapa Flat, full (moon)
Niue Lau Chorus (sung when dragging weights, etc.)
Niue Aa Sign of emphatic imperative (postverbal)
Niue Lauka A comparative, better etc. Problematic
Niue Laupapa Floor, board, platform
Niue Lava/kimata Bark-cloth hat
Niue Noo Your (sing.) (obs.)
Niue Lei Rattle, as shell ornament does Problematic
Niue Liki/liki Small (Motu dialect) Borrowed Phonologically Irregular
Niue Lofia Overflowed, flooded over. To be covered (of land) (Sph).
Niue Loi Mattress Borrowed Phonologically Irregular
Niue Lolo Oil
Penrhyn Ruu/ruu Shake (Sta)
Niue Lue Shake, sway, tremble
Niue Mo From
Niue Maene/ene Ticklish
Niue Maine (Motu dialect), maini (Tafiti dialect) Enjoyable, thrilling
Niue Mafao Stretched apart, well separated; to stretch oneself
Niue Mafoa A large tree (Planchonella sp.) Problematic
Niue Mafole/fole Peel, as bark from tree
Niue Mafuke Opened, partly undone, as a parcel
Niue Mafuli Turned over, upturned
Niue Ma/futa/ To emerge (as from the bush or from the water after a dive). To wake up intermittently; to come up [as a topic] (Sph).
Niue Mafuti Plucked out (as hair etc.); slight pain
Niue Mangele Tree, (Trema orientalis var)
Niue Makaka Firm-footed (in climbing etc.) ; proficient, expert, Skilful, good at something (Sph).