Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan Fanofano Wash one's hands
Tongan Faano/a Haemorrhage Problematic
Tongan Fanongo Listen, hear, hear of
Tongan Fonua Land, people of the land
Tongan Fanua Old form, found in poetry
Tongan Fonua Afterbirth
Tongan Faʔo Nail
Tongan Faʔo To put in, to pack, to store
Tongan Fa/faʔo To load (a gun), fill (a pipe), stuff (a fowl etc.); to pack roughly or without due care
Tongan ʔAu Current, stream
Tongan Foʔo/hake Lie face upwards (on one's back)
Tongan Foʔo/hifo Lie face downwards
Tongan Faʔao Seize and take by force, confiscate, wrest from
Tongan Faʔopuku Hold inside the mouth
Tongan Faha Mad, insane
Tongan Fahi To slaughter (an animal) and cut it up for food; to chop (a coconut) in two
Tongan Fahi Split, chop in two
Tongan Faʔahi Half, when division is lengthwise
Tongan Faʔahinga Kind, sort
Tongan Vaasua Tridacna clam sp. Phonologically Irregular
Tongan Fata Rack for storage of food, etc
Tongan Fatafata Chest
Tongan Faatai To sit in a certain way, somewhat like faaite
Tongan Fatai A parasite creeper (Cassytha filiformis)
Tongan Fasi Break
Tongan Fasi Part of ceremonial kava ring where it curves towards the bowl
Tongan Fasi/’a Bend of
Tongan Fasi Tune, melody
Tongan Fatu Begin making a mat
Tongan Fatu Compose a song
Tongan Fatu(fatu) Fold
Tongan Fatu/kala Type of stone
Tongan Fatu Gizzard
Tongan Fatu Thick, viscous, curdled
Tongan Fatunga Beam to which rafters are tied
Tongan Fatunga Edge of mat where weaving begins
Tongan Fatukala Kind of stone (solid, not porous)
Tongan Fatulisi Awesome, terrifying (of sky with thunder and lightning) Phonologically Irregular
Tongan Faʔu Tie
Tongan Faʔu Headband, turban
Tongan Fau ʔingo A Hibiscus variety
Tongan Feooʔaki Go in opposite directions (of two or more)
Tongan Fee Where?
Tongan Feʔao Company for, to be/look after each other, look after
Tongan Feʔauaki Commit fornication
Tongan Po/poto (of two or more) To get along all right together
Tongan Feefee In what way?, of what sort?, how?
Tongan Fefeka Hard, tough, stiff, taut, tight
Tongan Fekai Savage, ferocious
Tongan Fekau Send, message, order, serve as messenger