Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan Fa/fanga Spread legs to defecate (I)
Tongan Fanga Beach...one particular part of it, or a small or private beach Phonologically Irregular
Tongan -Fanga Noun-forming suffix
Tongan Fa(fa)nga-ʔi Feed, keep and feed; breed
Tongan Fanga To set a trap
Tongan Fangafaʔa/i To stuff with food, cram Problematic
Tongan Fakalele Cause or allow to run; propel; run or conduct (a business etc.)
Tongan Faangai/kai To be time for eating or having a meal Problematic
Tongan Fangamea Red Snapper (Lutjanus bohar)
Tongan Faangongo Shark-attracter made of half coconut-shells
Tongan Faangota Fish, search for shellfish (or any kind of fingota)
Tongan Fangu Calabash; calabash-shell used as a bottle (esp. for holding oil)
Tongan Fangu Blow through the nose, blow (one's nose)
Tongan Fangufangu Nose-flute
Tongan Fai Stingray, skate
Tongan Fai To make, give, tell, deliver, utter, perform, etc. (an explanation, story, speech, song, dance, etc.)
Tongan Fai Make, do
Tongan Fai To have sexual intercourse with each other
Tongan Fai- Prefixed to certain verbs produces noun denoting performer
Tongan Fai To deal with in a hostile sense; to have it out with, to fight it out
Tongan Faʔai To stretch open, open too widely, as a door
Tongan Fai Perform (speech, song, dance, etc.) Problematic
Tongan Ula A kind of dance or action song given by one or a few individual performers Problematic
Tongan Faingataʔa Difficult to do, difficult
Tongan Faikakai Native puddings of various kinds
Tongan Fai manu Ray sp
Tongan Feitama To be pregnant
Tongan Faitau To get leaves for a native oven
Tongan Faaite Sit with legs bent but not crossed, as women do
Tongan Faitoʔo Treat by medical means
Tongan Faʔitoka Cemetery, graveyard, grave (i.e. grave top)
Tongan Faiva Work, feat requiring skill, craft, performance, entertainment
Tongan Faka- Causative
Tongan Faka- Prefix denoting likeness
Tongan Fakaʔeteʔete Walk on tiptoe, and hence, go hunting
Tongan Faka/fana/ Heat up pre-cooked food
Tongan Fakafetaʔi To be thankful, express thanks
Tongan Fakafisi To resign (from), dissent from, refuse to ratify, decline, refuse (to)
Tongan Vakafoha Boil or abscess appearing anywhere between waist and knee Phonologically Irregular
Tongan Fakaʔafu Put wood and stones into a native oven and light up
Tongan Fakaʔafu-mate Fifth month of the old calendar
Tongan Fakaiku Conclude, end up, finish off; affix a tail (or an end) to
Tongan Fengaiʔitaki ʔa e nifo Gnashing of teeth Problematic
Tongan Fakakau/kau Think, ponder, consider; intend or have in mind to do something
Tongan Fakakonokono Derivative of kokono have a grouch, harbour a grievance
Tongan Fakakuhukuhuu Sniff or screw the nose up at, sneer Problematic
Tongan Fakalaqaa To sun, to put out in the sun, or to expose to the light and heat of the sun; to bring a drought upon, cause to be drought-stricken
Tongan Fakalanu Neutralize, counteract (a spell) by countermagic
Tongan Fakalava Place across, transverse
Tongan Fakaʔali To show, especially something new