Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan ʔAuhulu Rid a tree or plant of its dry leaves
Tongan ʔAukai Go without food, fast
Tongan Au Current, stream; ooze out (of pus) Problematic
Tongan ʔAukava/ʔi Catch fish with help of fish poison
Tongan ʔOmai, ʔomi Bring give or send or lend (to me or us)
Tongan Ma/aʔumohe/ Fast asleep
Tongan Ava Passage, opening
Tongan ʔAva Fish sp
Tongan ʔAavanga Sickness caused (or believed to be caused) by a fa`ahikehe or tevolo. Be fascinated or infatuated by, or strongly attracted to a girl (or a boy) as if enchanted or bewitched Borrowed Problematic
Tongan ʔAavangaa To develop a terrible craze for, as if bewitched; to be infatuated Borrowed Problematic
Tongan ʔAavangaʔia To be sick with an `aavanga Borrowed Problematic
Tongan ʔOatu Take, send, give, lend (away)
Tongan Ave/ave (Psilotum sp.) with filament-like leaves Problematic
Tongan ʔAve Take (away), remove, convey, send (away)
Tongan ʔAavea Carried away, as by a spook; distracted
Tongan ʔE Future tense-aspect marker
Tongan ʔE Agent marker
Tongan Eʔa Show v., exposed, to be
Tongan Efe Sediment from coconut oil; refuse of kava after pounding and straining
Tongan Efu Dust
Tongan Efu Fine mat used for corpse to rest on
Tongan ʔElo, ʔeho Stinking, putrid, to be
Tongan ʔEmi Wriggle, move, jerk, fidget
Tongan ʔEmo Lick
Tongan ʔEne Tickle, touch so as to tickle
Tongan E/ni This, these, now
Tongan ʔEpa Mats given to bride
Tongan ʔEpa Sit, stand or walk with the face turned upwards
Tongan ʔE/ʔepa/ Lie face upward, of a corpse
Tongan ʔEte(ʔete) Walk on toe, heel, edge of foot (as when sore)
Tongan ʔEsi Husk/strip with teeth (with reference to green coconuT)
Tongan ʔEva Go for a walk, go away for a change
Tongan Eve(eve) Ragged or torn or worn out, tattered, in tatters, esp. of a mat; ragged mat or piece of it, tatter
Tongan Faa Four
Tongan Faa Hoarse
Tongan Mafahi Split (vi); split (n), fissure, piece split off
Tongan Faa To burst or split open (sep. of something containing liquid); (of river) to overflow, be in flood
Tongan Faʔa Lower portion of leaf stalk
Tongan Faʔa Habituative particle
Tongan Faʔee Mother
Tongan Faaʔele Give birth to
Tongan Faʔelu Wipe after evacuation of the bowels
Tongan Fafa Carry on back
Tongan Faa(faa) Feel with hands
Tongan Fafangu To awaken, rouse from sleep
Tongan Fafai Shave the head
Tongan Fefie Firewood
Tongan Fefine Woman
Tongan Fafine Dual or plural of fefine
Tongan Felemo/fafo/ Go in and out of a house