Entries from Churchward 1959 in Pollex-Online

Churchward, C. M. (1959). Tongan Dictionary. London, Oxford University Press.

Language Item Description
Tongan ʔA Introduces the postposed subject of an intransitive verb and the postposed object of a transitive verb (Churchward 1953:105)
Tongan Namu/a/ Infested with mosquitoes
Tongan ʔAa Fence, wall, enclosure
Tongan ʔAmui Later on, at some future time or date
Tongan ʔA/uhu Tomorrow morning
Tongan ʔA/hoʔataa At noon today (said in the morning)
Tongan ʔA/efiafi This afternoon (said in the morning or at mid-day)
Tongan ʔA/hengihengi Early tomorrow morning
Tongan ʔA/ʔanoiha The day after tomorrow
Tongan Aʔeva Walk together
Tongan Afaa Storm, hurricane
Tongan ʔAhanga Ford, reef or shallow place where one can wade across
Tongan Afe Deviate
Tongan Afe Thousand
Tongan ʔAfee When (future)
Tongan Afi Fire
Tongan ʔEfi(ʔefi) Hold or carry under the arm
Tongan ʔEfi/hi Push or squeeze in between two things; hold between (e.g. the toes)
Tongan Efiafi Evening
Tongan Afo Cord, especially fishing line
Tongan Afu Sucker (of hiapo only >
Tongan ʔAfu Hot and steamy, of air, of an earth-oven, of a feverish person
Tongan ʔAʔafu Very hot and steamy
Tongan ʔAfua Fine, to be
Tongan Afua Shoal, sandbank under the sea
Tongan Afu(afu) Sprinkle, drizzle, fall as a fine spray
Tongan Anga Habit, custom
Tongan ʔAnga Shark
Tongan ʔAngaʔanga/mofai Shark with head like that of a stingray
Tongan ʔAngaʔanga Human corpse
Tongan ʔAngaʔanga/mofai Shark with head like that of a stingray
Tongan Ange To or towards him, along; -er, more, to a greater degree
Tongan Angi Blow (of wind, breeze)
Tongan Agoʔi Make line(s) on, mark out
Tongan ʔAngoʔango Absolutely empty, absolutely dry, completely finished (of a vessel which has had liquid in it)
Tongan ʔOhoana Spouse, husband, wife. An old word
Tongan ʔAho Day (not night)
Tongan ʔAhoʔaho Very bright (of the moon)
Tongan ʔAhu Gall
Tongan ʔAhu Smoke
Tongan Ai In which, etc
Tongan ʔAi Put, place
Tongan ʔAnenai A short time ago, earlier today; or earlier in the present speech, letter, etc.
Tongan (Tangi) lau/ʔaitu To lament
Tongan ʔEitu/matupuʔa Proper name of a spiritual being
Tongan Aka Root
Tongan Aka Kind of leguminous creeper whose root is eaten when better food is scarce. (Pueraria lobata) (Whr).
Tongan ʔAka Kick
Tongan Ake A hardwood tree
Tongan Aaki/vao Devastate, plunder and lay waste Problematic