Entries from Elbert 1946, 1948 in Pollex-Online

Elbert, S. H. (1946). Kapingamarangi and Nukuoro Word List, with Notes on Linguistic Position, Pronunciation, and Grammar, United States Naval Military Government (Mimeographed)., Elbert, S. H. (1948). Grammar and Comparative Study of the Language of Kapingamarangi, Texts, and Word Lists, Pacific Science Board, National Research Council (CIMA Project).

Language Item Description
Kapingamarangi Taha Shore
Nukuoro Haka/taahao Go for a walk, stroll
Kapingamarangi Tahuuhuu Ridge-pole; crown on the head; crest, top, as of a tree
Kapingamarangi Taku Speak, call out
Kapingamarangi Taku(w)a Tuna fish, Yellowfin
Kapingamarangi Tara Sharp ventral fin
Kapingamarangi Tara Bridle tern
Kapingamarangi Tanu Bury, plant
Kapingamarangi Tao Bake
Kapingamarangi Haka/tapa Say
Kapingamarangi Tapatapa Sand Lobster (Parribacus antarcticus)
Kapingamarangi Tau Season
Kapingamarangi Taura Rope
Kapingamarangi Te Definite article (arch.)
Kapingamarangi Tere Sail, float
Kapingamarangi Tira Unopened leaf of coconut Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Tiri Throw hard
Kapingamarangi Tinae Belly
Kapingamarangi Huaitino Body
Kapingamarangi Tihaa Sneeze Phonologically Irregular
Kapingamarangi Tiu Depart for the open sea, especially for bonitos (obs.) Problematic
Nukuoro Toa Champion, hero
Kapingamarangi Tongi Chip out a tiny hole
Kapingamarangi Tuai Old, slow, late
Kapingamarangi Tungi Set light to
Kapingamarangi Tuki Kick
Kapingamarangi Tuku Leave off doing
Kapingamarangi Tuku Leave, place, let go; lower (sail)
Kapingamarangi Turi/wae Knee
Kapingamarangi Tupe Crab, both land and sea species
Kapingamarangi A/u, o/u Second person singular possessive plural possessed object pronoun
Kapingamarangi Ua/ua Muscle
Kapingamarangi Anga/uri/ Dark blue
Kapingamarangi Mataa/uruuru/ Stretch of reef where waves come in and immediately beyond
Kapingamarangi Unuthi Pull up (as taro)
Kapingamarangi Uuhiu ["final vowel rarely heard"] Nose
Kapingamarangi Uuta Inland (from shore), shore, land (from sea)
Kapingamarangi Wa Resound, hum, of a distant voice or roar
Kapingamarangi Wai Water ,
Kapingamarangi Wete (mhee) Goatfish sp.
Kapingamarangi (W)atu Away from the speaker, away, there
Kapingamarangi Thuki Pound, beat
Kapingamarangi Revereve/ina Spider
Kapingamarangi Taha Outside
Kapingamarangi Tua- Ordinalising prefix
Kapingamarangi Tuwa o te hare Roof
Kapingamarangi Ruru To shake, as a hand; to jerk
Nukuoro Taha Best drinking nut, meat still soft