Entries from Carroll & Soulik 1973 in Pollex-Online

Carroll, V. and T. Soulik (1973). Nukuoro Lexicon. Honolulu, University Press of Hawaii.

Language Item Description
Nukuoro Hodu Sighted, appear
Nukuoro Hoou New
Nukuoro Huu layer of consolidated sand (without coral rubble) next to the reef base under the island
Nukuoro De/hua/nei This size
Nukuoro Hua Numeral classifier, by tens, for fruit
Nukuoro Hua Bear fruit
Nukuoro Hua manu Fruit
Nukuoro Hua Fish eggs
Nukuoro Hua Sing a song
Nukuoro Hue Vine spp
Nukuoro Hungahunga-nui Flower of the coconut tree
Nukuoro Hui hala The fruit of the pandanus
Nukuoro De/hui, nga/hui Tens of coconuts
Nukuoro H/hui/ Wash hands, feet, dishes, but not clothes
Nukuoro Huge. Hue (Crn). Open
Nukuoro Hule/i To have done the act of hhule (q.v.)
Nukuoro Hule/hule(i) Masturbate
Nukuoro H/hule To expose the head of the penis by pulling back the foreskin
Nukuoro Huli Turn (in place)
Nukuoro Hulu Hair (on body)
Nukuoro Hulu Apply liquid on, smear on
Nukuoro Huna Conceal
Nukuoro Hune/hune Fibres on Breadfruit core
Nukuoro Hune Core of breadfruit
Nukuoro Husi Swamp, taro bog
Nukuoro Hudaa- Group of things approaching together (e.g. a fleet of canoes)
Nukuoro H/hudi Pull
Nukuoro Hudi Banana plant
Nukuoro Ngaio Fish sp., Needle-fish. The gar-fish (Crn). Problematic
Nukuoro Ngago. Si/ngako (Crn). Egg Problematic
Nukuoro N/ngali Take a bite of something held in the hand
Nukuoro Ngalo Forget
Nukuoro Ngalue Move slightly, change position
Nukuoro Ngaalulu Rattling round inside something shaken
Nukuoro N/ngana Loud (noise)
Nukuoro Ngana/ngana Repeated loud noise
Nukuoro Ngaohe/ohe Curved, bent in curve
Nukuoro Laohie Dry weather (no rain)
Nukuoro Gaadai Lagoonward
Nukuoro Ngaadahi Both, as one
Nukuoro Ngadi- Hollow, vacant, empty
Nukuoro Ngado Come to an end or limit Problematic
Nukuoro Ngau Chew
Nukuoro Ngaue Move (oneself), moved
Nukuoro Ngaavali Bent slightly
Nukuoro Ngii High-pitched sound
Nukuoro Nngie Crepe myrtle shrub (Pemphis acidula)
Nukuoro Ngongo Common Noddy (Anous stolidus)
Nukuoro Ng/ngolo/ Steady sound of a machine or rain
Nukuoro Nguu Faint sound like humming