Entries from Crook 1998 in Pollex-Online

Crook, W. P., S. Greatheed, et al. (1998). An essay toward a dictionary and grammar of the Lesser-Australian language, according to the dialect used at the Marquesas (1799). Auckland, The Institute of Polynesian Languages and Literatures.

Language Item Description
Marquesas Póta Spot, spotted
Marquesas Páihhe An amusement performed with the fingers and fine thread, analogous but incomparably superior, to the childish amusement called making cradles Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas Bóe People, family
Marquesas Bo/bóto A species of Cockroach
Marquesas Pu/ávva Cowrie, and other similar small shells
Marquesas Háhhi To fish with hook and line Problematic
Marquesas Havíee, havíeke The regions below; the invisible world
Marquesas He To fish with rod and line
Marquesas Hone Touch noses together
Marquesas Hobu Dive
Marquesas Huóna A son-in-law or daughter-in-law
Marquesas Bunánna To lie in wait; a ceremony relating to the war
Marquesas Bunúa A young pig or chicken
Marquesas Tamíde A tender expression for a male child
Marquesas Do get ey Brother or sister in law
Marquesas Tu To strike with a spear, or shot
Marquesas Tubúna tahéito An ancestor
Marquesas Túe To chirrup
Marquesas Túe To sew; to pierce the ears
Marquesas Do get ey Brother or sister in law
Marquesas Totá The hedgehog fish
Marquesas Tutú A tree of tough, pliable wood
Marquesas Tútu To beat (in making cloth)
Marquesas H/áia Behold!
Marquesas Íé Tiger shells Uncertain Semantic Connection
Marquesas Úuwei The penis of a man or beast
Marquesas Váhhi (NKH) A place
Marquesas Vàhéine A woman or wife; female of all birds
Marquesas Váhho Without, out of doors
Marquesas Tubúa An image
Marquesas Tei-noa A namesake
Marquesas Nóne A small tree
Marquesas Bonóa ihhu Nostrils
Marquesas Oúhwe An ornament for the ears made of coconut shell or tortoise shell, to which the small teeth of fish are fixed
Marquesas Túnu To broil, to roast, to boil; roasted &c.
Marquesas Touwákke To destroy enemies
Marquesas Túmu The stem of a tree; the whole tree; the stumps of a beard
Marquesas Hahána The male of mankind and of all birds. A husband.
Marquesas Mennávva The inside
Marquesas Móà To dress food thoroughly, especially in the oven
Marquesas Tono, togo (NKH) A prop, to prop; heavy, dull, lazy Phonologically Irregular
Marquesas Buaóuhwe Yams
Marquesas Á-eke, hekká-eke A chief man
Marquesas Áhhu To transplant
Marquesas Áhhue A restriction laid upon articles of food; to restrict
Marquesas Áika Yellow (NKH)
Marquesas Aipe/áipe A cock's comb; it also has an obscene signification
Marquesas Aitú To jump, to jerk Problematic
Marquesas Aitú To excavate with a sudden motion, as in carving, or taking hot coals out of the pit with a stick
Marquesas Áiva To lag, droop, or hang down like a dog's ears; the red flesh hanging from a fowl's neck