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Language Reconstruction Reflex Description
Sikaiana PN.TATAU.3 Ttau Squeeze and twist, as in wringing out a rag, or making coconut oil from grated coconut
Takuu PN.TATAU.3 Ttau Wring or squeeze something to express a liquid
Tongan PN.TATAU.3 Tatau Wring clothes, express liquid, to milk
Tuamotu PN.TATAU.3 Tau Press down in, or soak in water; wet, moist Problematic
Tongan NP.-TA-TOU Tau First person inclusive plural possessive suffix Problematic
Emae NP.TAA-TOU Taatou, taatau We (inc.)
New Zealand Maori NP.TAA-TOU Taatau First person inclusive plural pronoun [Eastern Maori Dialect]
Moriori NP.TAA-TOU Tatau Ourselves
Easter Island FJ.TAU.1 Tau(tau) Beautiful, elegant, handsome, precious Uncertain Semantic Connection
Sikaiana PN.TATAU.2 Tau To be fitted together, in place, as the floor tiles of a house; to be sufficient, enough
East Futuna FJ.TAU.1 Tau Etre d'accord, convenir de.., etre proportionée
New Zealand Maori FJ.TAU.1 Tau Be able; suitable
Moriori FJ.TAU.1 Tau (It is) fit, right
Moriori FJ.TAU.1 Tau/nga To be accustomed
Pukapuka FJ.TAU.1 Tau To fit, look nice
Rarotongan FJ.TAU.1 Tau To be suitable, befit, able, to be possible
Rotuman FJ.TAU.1 Tau Fit, be of right size; becoming, appropriate, suitable Problematic
Samoan FJ.TAU.1 Tau Habitual action
Sikaiana FJ.TAU.1 Tau Be capable enough
Takuu FJ.TAU.1 Tau Equal to a task; able to do something; enough, sufficient; (of clothes) fit
Tikopia FJ.TAU.1 Tau Be accustomed, used to; adapt; fit
Tongan FJ.TAU.1 Tau Skill that one is accustomed to do
West Futuna FJ.TAU.1 Tau Follow in the ways of, take after, learn from
Easter Island PN.TAU.2 Tau(tau) To hang, suspend
East Futuna PN.TAU.2 Tau Hang (e.g. washing on line)
East Uvea PN.TAU.2 Tautau Pendre; suspendre
Emae PN.TAU.2 Tau Rest on, hang
New Zealand Maori PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Hang suspended; tie in bunches; thread on string
New Zealand Maori PN.TAU.2 Tau Loop of cord attaching a club to the wrist; cord handle of a basket
Ifira-Mele PN.TAU.2 Tau V.i. hang
Moriori PN.TAU.2 Tau Line, string, cord
Moriori PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Cluster, bunch
Marquesas PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Suspendu, suspendre. Suspendre un objet (Lch). Anse (de panier); handle (of basket) (Atl).
Niue PN.TAU.2 Tau To hang up, suspend
Penrhyn PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Hang down, be hanging
Vaeakau-Taumako PN.TAU.2 Thau (trans. tau/lia) Hang (vi)
Pukapuka PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Hang, suspend
Rapa PN.TAU.2 Tau/ria te numu Cluster (?)
Rapa PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Bananas (generic term)
Rennellese PN.TAU.2 Tau To hang, as clothes, wear, as a necklace
Samoan PN.TAU.2 Tau Hang, as clothes on line, basked on hook etc.
Sikaiana PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Hang (as clothes on a line, or fruit from a tree)
Tahitian PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Etre suspendu, pendre
Takuu PN.TAU.2 Tau Hang, suspend
Tikopia PN.TAU.2 Tau To hang (as a necklace on neck)
Tongan PN.TAU.2 Tau Hang v.t.
Tuamotu PN.TAU.2 Tau(tau) Depend, hand down
West Uvea PN.TAU.2 Tau/tau Suspendu
Anuta PN.TAU.3 Ta/tau Count, read
Easter Island PN.TAU.3 Ta/tau Contar, narrar