Reconstruction Level: SO - Samoic-Outlier Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
SEKE.1C Dislocated (of joint)
FAKANAVA Tree sp. (Cordia subcordata)
MAGI A condition of ill health
MAGE Dried out
PUKA-VAKA Tree sp. (Hernandia or Pisonia) (Grf)
QEPU Murky, cloudy (of water)
MA-FULE Peeled; retracted (foreskin)
QULU.4 Name of a traditional chant or dance
PAA.7 Indentation or defect in wood
SEE.3 Breath (as held or expended)
FANOGO.B Tale, story
LAA-NUI Big, large, extensive, important
AI-SE-AA Why? : *ai(se)aa
TAFA.1B Outside; away
LIKO.4 Chase away
MASAGI Rise into the air
FUA-QI- Unitizing prefix
PATI.3 Element in body part terms
LAA-LAA Dorsal fin of shark, etc.
SANO Suspect, think about
SIKI.1B Support, assist (a person), esp. in childbirth; midwife
SIKI.1C Tack (a canoe)
SIKI.3 Club used in fishing
PUQAO Mist, fog, cloud
FAKA-KAKAI Sharpen: *faka-(ka)kai
TUQU-LAGA.B Notches cut in tree to facilitate climbing
TUQU-TA Partition, division, joint
LOTO-TONU Centre, middle
TUAQA Penalty, punishment
KAILE.2 Coconut growth stage: *ka(i,e)le
QARO.B Underside, inner surface: *qaro(-qaro)
FOA-QUGA Bird sp.: *(tuli)foa-quga
TUKA Dull, not sharp (of blade)
AAVA Spouse; honour, respect; support
KALAPA Fish sp.
FAI-FEKAU Carry a message, do work; messenger, worker
MUKA.1C Fragile, delicate

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