Reconstruction Level: SO - Samoic-Outlier Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TAPI.1B Wash genital area
TAPU-VAQE Lower leg including foot and ankle and perhaps calf
TATAQO To follow, chase
TAU.10 Be hit (Rby): *tau-lia
TAULOKO A plant (Solanum sp.)
TAUNAPE Loincloth
TEFA.2 Stumble sideways, stagger
TELE.3A Run, move quickly
TINO-.B Numeral prefix (classifier) indicating ten humans
TOQO.2 Belch
TOKA-.4 Human prefix with numerals
TOKO-TULI Kneel (Rby)
TUGAKI Make a sign with head or face, nod
UFU.1 Masturbate
UMI Suck
QUMO Pinch
USO.3 Sibling
VAKA-QATUA Spirit medium
VAASIQA Interval of space or time
WEKA.3 Whistle
VENE Carrying straps; to carry on back with straps
VEVE Faded, dilapidated (leaves, mats, clothing), such items
VILIVILI Be quick, fast: *vili(vili)
VILU Former times
QAA-TAEAO Tomorrow morning
TEQE-AI Negative existential and pro-form
PAU.1B Extend to the limits of something
POI.B To act with respect or deference; to be reluctant, hesitant, timid
OSO Overflow
TEQE-MUU Be quiet, silent
TINAQE.B Pregnant
TUPU.D Become, change into
IVI-TUQU Spine, backbone
LAVA-A Able, capable
QAAUGA Gesture, especially in dance
KAPUTI Flower bud, leaf sheath *kaput(i,u)
KAU-LAMA Dried coconut leaves used as torch
FAKA-FUA Wave, swell
TOKO.1B Perch; to perch, roost
TATA.2 Pull, tug, jerk
TAU-TALI To follow
LAO Tail of crustacean
SEPE Cut, trim (with knife)
KAU-MAI Give, bring (to speaker)
KAV-ATU Give, take (to hearer)
KAV-AGE Give, take, send (to third person)
KAV-AKE Give, take (up, away)
UFU.2 Pull up, pull out, untie
GAA-QUTA Inland, the interior

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