Reconstruction Level: SO - Samoic-Outlier Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
MA-QOFA Collapse, fall apart (Rby)
-MA-TOU.B First person exclusive plural possessive suffix
MEA.1D Baby, infant
TAKALE Coconut stage
MOA.5 Soft lower body part
MOQI-KAKA Strand or shred of coconut husk fibre
MOSO.1B Polynesian Starling (Aplonis sp.)
MULE.2 Rub, masturbate
NAQA.4 Be located
NEKE.1B Rise up on swell of water
NEVE Carry on back with straps
NI.2 Indefinite article plural
NOKO.2 Past continuative aspect marker
ONEA A sea-snake or eel sp.
QOTA.3 Sago palm (Metroxylon sp.): *(q)ota
PAKALAFA.* Coconut leaf midrib
PAKUU.B Fall down
PAA-LAPU West wind
PAPA.2 Fish sp.
PAPO Fish sp. (Cheilinus sp.) (Hpr): *pap(o,u)
PAQASI Side, a part
PENA.3 Back of neck
PIA.2B Foam, froth
POLE.B Tremble
PUU.3 Arrange oven stones and firewood and kindle oven (Rby)
PUKA-VAI A tree (Pisonia sp.)
PULI Fold together, mould (of farinaceous substances), roll up (Rby)
SAAFEA Suffer certain misfortunes (Rby)
SAUSAU-LELE Fish (Dendrochirus spp.)
SEQE.2 Negative marker
SILI.2 Ask questions
SISI.1 Draw up, hoist up
SISI.5 Eyes of coconut
SOI.2 Give support (Rby): *so(a)i(na)
SOSO.2 Overripe (of root crops)
SUQA.B Rise (of tide)
TAAFAA Coconut at young stage when fit for drinking
TAAFAO.A Walk, wander about: *ta(a)fa(q)o.a
TAAFAO.B To play
TAFA-QATA Early morning, daybreak (Rby)
TAFE-A To be carried away by a current, drift
TAGA.3 Free from ritual restriction
TAINA Same sex sibling
TAKA-WIRI Turn, twist
TALAE Fish sp. (Ebt)
TALAFA Whiskers (Ebt) (Rby)
TAPAPA Shark sp

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