Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
PUOU Breadfruit variety ?
LAGI.5 To rule, govern, exercise authority; other senses associated with chiefly rank
TUSU.B In expressions for "index finger": *tusu-qi >> *tusi
LOLO.1B Delicious, sweet, rich, oily, fatty (of food)
WOKE Lever with twisting action: *(w)oke
RAQA-KAU.B Wood, wooden; piece of wood, stick, object made of wood; tool, device
TOLO.2B Extend, stretch forth (arm, etc.), reach, thrust
TAA.7 Make a net; fish with a net
FIA-INU To be thirsty
TAU-SOA Be a couple, do something as a couple or pair; be friends
TAU-TASA Single, only one
MATA.5 Door, entrance

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