Reconstruction Level: PN - Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
-A Presence of, or infestation by, that indicated by the noun (Rby)
AA- Ligative particle, like, as, after the manner of
QAA-.2 Morpheme indicating a point of future time: *qa(a)-
QAQEWA Walk about: *(q)aqewa
QAFA.3 Open, apart (Rby)
AFAGA Public space near sea; foreshore common ground kept clear as landing-place etc
AFE.2 Thousand
QAA-FEA When (future interrogative)
QAFII Wrap up a parcel; a parcel of food
AFU.2 Shoot or sucker
QAFU.1 To be hot and humid
QAAFUA Sandbank forming a shoal
QAGA.1 Shark
-AGA.3 Allomorph of nominalizing suffix
QAGAQAGA Soul, spirit, corpse
QAGAQAGA-MAFAI Hammerhead Shark (Rsr)
AGE Particle of direction away from speaker and hearer; also used to express comparison
AGI.2 Unencumbered, unhampered
AGO.2 Make lines; set limits on, delimit, demarcate
QAI.1 Place, deposit, leave
QAKA Kick; apply pressure with foot
AKA-TASA Herb sp. (Rorippa sarmentosa): *aka-tas(a,i)
AKE.A Tree sp: *ake(ake)
-QAKI.1 Formative suffix to verbs
AKIAKI A tern (probably White Tern, Gygis alba)
QARA-FIA Wakeful night; to stay awake
ALAGA.A Limb, tool, weapon (Clk)
AALAI Screen; obstruct, block: *(q)aala(q)i
ALA-TI To scratch an itch
ALEALE.B Concave, hollow; thin (of solid)
QALI.2 Shave, scrape clean
QALI.1 Bare, exposed, clearly visible, transparent (of water)
HAALIQA Shallows, passage between shoals
QALITO Core of a boil
QAROFA.B Greeting
QARO-FI-LIMA Palm of hand
QARO-FI-WAQE Sole of foot
QALO-POQOU Primipara, woman pregnant for the first time or having first child
QALUGA.1 Above
QALUGA.2 Headrest, pillow
QAMANAKI Hope, expect, prepare (for)
QAMIO Variable (of direction of motion)
AMO.1B Prepare fibres for string-making; prepared fibre (Rby) *am(o,u)
QAMO Carry on shoulders: *(ha)qamo
AMU Revile, mock
QAMU-TIA Envied, fit to be
QANA.1 Cave
QANA-.2 Morpheme indicating a point of past time

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