Reconstruction Level: MP - Malayo-Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
AFAA Storm, hurricane
QAFATO A large grub, larva: *q(a,o)fato
AFE.1A Deviate, turn aside
QAFI Hold or carry under the arm
AFO Cord, especially fishing line
AFU-AFU Drizzle; light rain
QAI.2 Copulate with
AKO Learn, teach
QALILI A univalve mollusc, (Turbo sp.)
QALO.1 Belly, bowels
QAROFA.A Love, pity, compassion
QALOGO Surgeonfish sp. (Acanthurus lineatus)
QAPI.2 Crowded, congested (esp. with people) *qapi(qapi)
APU.A Seize, take, gather
QASU Bail, ladle out, scoop out: *(q)asu
ATE.2 A shrub (Wedelia [=Wollastonia] biflora) (Clk)
QATU.2 Line, row
QATULE Fish sp. (Selar crumenophthalamus)
QAU.1 Current
QAUA.1 Fish sp., a kind of mullet
AWA Channel, passage through reef
QAWA Milkfish or Salmon Herring (Chanos chanos)
QETI To husk with teeth
FAA.2 Hoarse
FAGA.1A Open up, remove
FAGA.3 To feed v.t
FALE House n
FANA.2 Hot; heat n
FANAU Have child, give birth, bear
FATA.1 Shelf, platform
FATU.1A Weave, plait
FAU.A A tree (Hibiscus tiliaceus)
FAU-FAU Disgusting, filthy: *fa(q)ufa(q)u
FEE.1 Where?
FETAQU A tree (Calophyllum inophyllum)
FIRI.1 Braid (i.e. interlace three or more flexible elements to form e.g. a rope), a technique sometimes referred to as plaiting)
FITI.1A Fillip, flick with finger, spring up, jerk round, flip over, turn somersault
FOHE Paddle
FOTO Barb of stingray
FOTU.1 Appear, emerge
FUQU Base or lower end of a tree
FUA.1B Carry on shoulder
FUA.6 Gather leaves, especially for thatching
FUQI Wash feet or hands, pour water over, soak
FUKE Open up (especially an earth oven), uncover
FULI.1 Turn (round or over)
FULU.1 Body hair, feathers
FULU.2 Rub on (face or body); wash by rubbing or wiping
FULU-FULU Body hair, fur, feathers; hairy

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