Reconstruction Level: CE - Central-Eastern Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
MARAGAI.* South-east quarter and wind
MAARIRI Disease category involving raised temperature
MA-RIU Be favourably disposed towards
MAROKO Dry: *m(a,o)rok(a,o,e)
MAMAKU Fern (Cyathea sp.)
MAMO.1 Descendant
MANAFUNE A legendary people
MANATAA Troubled, worried, annoyed
MAANAWA.2 Shore tree species
MANAWA-NUI Patience, fortitude, courage
MANINI.2 Pleasant, agreeable
MANU-FIRI Visitor, guest, stranger
MANUNU.2 Break (as bones)
MAA-SINU Anoint(ed)
MATA-KAINAGA Some social group, perhaps commoners inhabiting the same land division
MATA-KITE.B Clairvoyant, having second sight
MAA-TIRO Look longingly at something (especially food)
MA-TOFI.B A stage of the waning moon; late middle period of lunar cycle
MAU Paucal or plural marker
MA-WIRI Twist: *ma(a)-wiri
ME.3 With, and
MEKO Withhold, refuse to give, tease
MESA-MESA Lonely; apprehensive
MIRU Goddess of the underworld
MINA Desire
MOII Sweet potato variety
MOKE Lost, missing; lonely
MOKO.4 Shoots, cuttings
MORE Taproot
MOREFU.1 Dull (of colour, light)
MOREFU.2 Defeated survivor
MOORII Person of low rank
MONO.B Replace, substitute for
MOHO Come into leaf: *mo(f,s)o
MOO-TEA White-faced, pale
MOO-TORO.* Seduce by approaching secretly at night (Clk)
MUU.4 Blunt, dull
MUUNAA Ringworm
MUTU.1C Silent, mute
NAHO Hollow: *na(f,s)o
NAMU.2B A small fly
NAA-NAA Look at
NANE Knead, mix
NAPE.B Slip (of the tongue), action with tongue
NAU-PATA A plant (Scaevola sp.)
NIA Smooth: *ni(q)a

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