Reconstruction Level: CE - Central-Eastern Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
KA-KANO.2 Wide, broad
TAI A kin term or social category: age-class?
TAATAI.2 Connect, put in order
ANEI Interrogative particle (post-verbal)
GAKI.B Avenge, conquer
KA-KORE Negative predicate marker; negative existential: there is none; pro-negative 'no!'
E KORE Negative (future or non-past)
IKU.2 File, rasp
MATE-KAI Hungry; hunger
MATE-WAI Thirsty; thirst
FAKA-KOI Sharpen
WERO A star name
GALO-POO-INA Forget, be forgotten
TEI-TEI High (in altitude or esteem)
FAI.7 Follow: *(fa)fai
AI-TAGA Descendants, progeny
FUATA.1B Type of net, or part of net
MA-HEA Dim, pale
FALAGI Plant sp., Melicope
MA-WESE Divided, separated
GAHAU Invitation, entertainment
KOO-IWI Bone, skeleton, body
PUU.7 Postposed particle: completely, suddenly
KOO-TAWA.2 Mollusc sp.
TAPARURU Buzzing, whirring; unsteady; uncontrolled behaviour
KOONINI.2 Sensory pleasure
KIRITI Convulsive movement
PUUTIKI Tie up the hair; top-knot
PARA-HUU Squash, burst, as overripe fruit; over-ripe, rotten
UTARI Follow
PAKARU Collide, crash
FAKA-RITE Compare, show similarity
KOO-REGA Plant sp.; yellowish
AO-MARAMA World of light (this world, contrasted with the underworld)
PUA-PUA.3 Spray
MAGA-GA Branching, spreading (object)
IWI.C Social group
RARE.B Careless, negligent, lazy
MAIHI Some part of the end of a house: *ma(a)(h)ihi
NAU.3 Come, go
NO-TE-MEA Because
OE Whistling sound; cry of distress; call
PUU.6 Cluster, clump
TAI-TAMA Adolescent
TUU.3 A night or series of nights in the first part of the lunar cycle
WEKE Offender
FONO-GA Something joined or added; joint, connection
RAAKAU.2 Medicine
AA.2 And: *aa~*ee

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