Reconstruction Level: CE - Central-Eastern Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
TAA-WERE Hang free, be suspended
TEE.1 Emit a sharp sound (as e.g. a bell)
TEE.3 Progressive aspect
TEFA.1 Boast, brag, show off; false display of emotion
TEGA.3 Satisfied (of hunger, thirst)
TEINA.* Younger sibling or cousin of the same sex
TEKA.2A Dart
TEKE.1 Crooked; deceitful
TEKO.1 Project (v), stand out
TERO Perineal area
TEO Clitoris
TII.4 Spurt
TIFA.1B Insert, inlay, patch
TII-KARO Scoop out, gouge out (as of eye) -: *tii-karo
TIKI.1 Carved human image
TIKI.2 Fetch something: *tiki(-na)
TIKI.3 Tie, bind
TIKI-RAU Place name
TIO.1 Cheep, chirp
TII-PAO Bit by bit
TII-PAPA Lie face down
TII-SAE Tear, rend
TII-TAFA Swerve to one side, slant
TII-TII Seabird sp
TII-TOI Retract foreskin; masturbate; insult
TIU Monsoon wind, wind from north-westerly quarter
TOO.4 Second person singular neutral possessive, your
TOENE Set (of sun), edge away
TOHU.1 Stained
TOOGAAFUA Internal fat of animals
TOKE.1B Worm
TOKE.2 Cold, chilled
TOOKERE Percussion instrument of wood
TOO-KOE.* Second person singular possessive pronoun, thine
TOOREA Bird sp. (Pluvialis dominica)
TONO.1 Bid, command
TONU.1B Postposed particle indicating precision
TOO-PATA Fall in small drops or particles
TOPE.B Prune, cut off
TOO-TARA Spiny, spine
TOO-TOO Carrying net
TUA-FINE.* Sister of a male
TUFA.2 Spit
TU-FERA Be open, as legs, door
TUGAANE.* Brother or male cousin of a female
TUGOU To nod, bow: *tu(u)gou
TURA Container

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