Reconstruction Level: CE - Central-Eastern Polynesian

Reconstruction Description
AHO Breath
AAIO Calm (of sea)
AKI Beat, pound
AA-KUA-NEI Later today; soon
ARA-FATA Bridge or ladder
ARAHURA Place name
AAREA Unoccupied space; interval between two objects
ANA.1 Post-posed particle, marking continuance of action or state
ANO.1 Desolate
URUFE Fern sp., bracken: *(u,a)(r,n)ufe
AOA Bark (of dog): *ao(a)
AO-RAGI Place name
APU.B Seize in the teeth; take or eat food eagerly, gorge, gobble
ATA.2 Carefully and deliberately
AU-MISI Grieve
AUTA Restless sleep
AUTE Paper mulberry
AWATEA.* Late morning to early afternoon, midday
E...ANA Continuous aspect marker
EREHI.* Coconut
FAAGAI.B Adopt, foster
FAGA-PARAOA Place-name
FAI-REPO A kind of ray (Clk)
FAA-INU Give to drink
FAA-ITE.B To make like, compare
FAKA-EA Draw breath, rest
FAKA-RUA North-east (wind)
FAKA-MAU Persist
FAKA-PAPA.B Genealogy, family tree
FAKA-TURI Sexual immorality
FAATINO Drift, move slowly
FAATOO Wrestle
FATU.4 Chief
FAATUMA Dark, of a clouded sky
FEE.2 Caterpillar
FEEFEE.2 A boil or abscess
FEGO To smell bad
FEKII.A A tree fern
FEKII.B Plantain (Musa troglodytarum)
FEREI.* Expose eyeball
FETE.2 Cautious, timid
FIRIGA A month name
FIRINAKI Lean on; rely on
HINI Faint (of voice): *(f,s)ini
FITI-KAUPEKA A star name
FITI-RERE Be startled; start in surprise (Clk)
HOTO Anger; strong negative emotion

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