Waya entries in Pollex-Online

Protoform Item Description Source
AN.QATE.1 (Y)ate Liver (traditionally considered the locus of courage and fear) (Ply)
AN.QATE.1 Ate vuso Lungs (Ply)
OC.ATU (Y)ati Postverbal particle: indicates actual or figurative movement away from a starting point and towards a goal (either the addressee or a distant goal) (Ply)
OC.QATU.1 (Y)atu Yellowfinned Tunny (Thunnus albacares); also generic for Thunnidae spp. (bonito, tunnies) (Ply)
MP.QATU.2 (Y)atu Group of things standing in a row or line,,, (Ply)
MP.QATULE Atule Fish sp.: Mackerel (Selar crumenopththalmus) (Ply)
PN.QAU.2 (Y)au/ti- Transport a load of something, carry a number of things from one place to another (Ply)
MP.QAU.1 (Y)au Flow, run freely, as a current of water or blood from a wound (Ply)
AN.AFIAFI (Y)avi(y)avi Evening...from late afternoon (about 4 pm) until darkness (Ply)
OC.FITA.1 (Y)a/vita Make a housewall by lashing reeds; reeds lashed in wall of house (Ply)
MP.SAGA.2 Ba/saga Bifurcate, forked, crotched; crotch or fork (in a branch, road etc.) (Ply)
CE.PEKA-PEKA.2 Vaka/beka Have doubts (about the authenticity of something), be unbelieving, skeptical (Ply)
OC.PELE.2 Bele Shrub taxon: Abelmoschus spp. (Ply)
CC.PII.2B Bii Many, numerous, much, a lot (Ply)
PN.PAKOLA Bokola Body of an enemy to be eaten... (Ply)
CP.LIALIA Lialia Foolish, stupid; mad, insane (Ply)
PN.HAKE.A Cake Climb up or on, ascend, mount (Ply)
FJ.POKA.4 Boka Split by a blow (of hard objects) (Ply)
FJ.PUTU-KI Butuki Help finish work begun by another (Ply)
CP.TUKU.A Tuku-ci- Hang, dangle (Ply)

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